Baby First Cry Parent Should Not Stop this

Crying of Baby on his Birth
Crying of Baby on his Birth Importance of birth cries

This is an interesting topic and useful information we talk about today. Many people are talking about, especially doctors and give much helpful and informative knowledge about baby birth. But we are talking about some facts that Islam teaches us. We see this as what Hazrat Ali said about the baby crying on their birth why this happened and what’s the benefit behind this act and what wisdom of God is hidden in this process? As we all know about the knowledge of Hazrat Ali every word he tells is true and there is no chance of deny that saying even not 0.0001 so let’s talk about this.

Crying of Baby on his Birth: 

Yes, today we reveal a secret of crying baby at his birth and give you a solid reason behind what Imam Ali said about this. And you all know that every baby cries when he/she born this is a natural means human nature. So the question is why and what is the importance of baby crying?

Importance of birth cries:

The baby cry has a lot of benefits you don’t even think about it. And we do not doubt it because some wisdom is hidden in everything Allah does.

There is a liquid in the Baby mind when they born which, if not depleted off, may raise a ruckus or on the other hand sickness, even the loss of an eye. The release of the liquid from its mind leaves it sound and the eyes more splendid. The Baby is profited by sobbing, while his folks in their numbness, attempt to forestall his sobbing by cooking for his desires, not knowing the advantages thereof. There are comparative different preferences which the agnostics neglect to get a handle on and on the off chance that they could have gotten a handle on them, they would not have denied the presence of such advantages in that. The Gnostic’s comprehend what is garbled to such deniers. It so happens in some cases that the animals know not the astuteness thereof, however, it is inside the information on the maker.

Do all babies cry at birth?

Yes, it is fact all babies cry at birth if not then there is an 80 percent chance of his death. So doctors try his level best to make baby cry.

Do babies have to cry when born?

Yes, it makes them healthy and doesn’t affect their body with sickness.

What does it mean if a baby doesn’t cry at birth?

It is mean your baby has a major sickness his chance of living is less. Because there is liquid in the baby brain when baby cries the liquid comes out on the shape of tears and give a better life to our babies.

Why do babies cry when they are born?

Everyone in this world comes while crying so it is the natural process of birth and there is a reason behind all this wisdom. They cry to live if they don’t they will die after some hours or days. Cry make them happy and healthy body all the liquid on his brain comes out when baby cry.

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