Begging quotes and saying in Islam By Hazrat ALi

Begging quotes

Begging Quotes

1. Begging debilitates the tongue of the speaker, breaks the core of the
gutsy saint places the free good one in the situation of a lowered Slave, removes the brilliance of one’s face and clears out one’s food.

2. Begging is the neckline of mortification; it removes the honour from the good and the height away from the respectable.

3. Mortification and disgrace are in asking from people.

4. Begging is the way to poverty.

5. The worst thing about asking others is the absence of progress in getting what one inquires for

6. If you need to be obeyed [or your solicitation to be granted], at that point request that which is achievable.

7. Leave your solicitation alone for a thing, the appeal of which will keep going for you long after the adverse outcomes of your asking have finished.

8. One who asks appropriately is supported.

9. Whoever asks from other than Allah has the right to be denied.

Quotes about begging for attention

10. One who expands his solicitations from people is mortified.

11. One who requests what he doesn’t merit is confronted with hardship.

12. One who rehashes his solicitation to the people, they get bothered by him.

13. One who requests what is over his rank has the right to be denied.

14. At the point when one doesn’t shield his respect from the mortification of asking you, at that point, protect your honor by not dismissing him.

15. Your face resembles solidified water that is softened by asking, so [be cautious and] consider whose presence you are softening it in.

16. Try not to ask the one from whom you dread deprive.

17. Never dismiss the hobo, regardless of whether he surpasses the cutoff points.

18. Try not to dismiss the hobo and shield your charitableness by not they denied him.

19. There is no embarrassment like asking for something from others.

20. There isn’t anything more torturing than asking from the oblivious out of urgency.

Quotes about begging for money

21. Verily you are in more noteworthy need of the prize for that which you give than the asker is in need of that which he takes from you.

22. Verily you will acquire euphoria by [the reward of] what you have given then the person who looks for from you gains in what he has gotten from you.

23. Give the poor person before he asks, for in reality if you make it essential for him to ask, at that point, you will have taken from his poise what is more prominent than what you have given him.

24. Give your abundance liberally to the person who has relinquished his self-respect for you, for indeed the giving up of dignity can’t be coordinated by anything.

25. Give liberally when you are inquired.

26. Looking for one’s need from he who isn’t commendable [of being asked] is harder than death.

27. What an abhorrent attribute urgency is!

28. Relinquishing one’s respect by begging is more noteworthy [in value] than the degree of one’s need, regardless of whether it is incredible and regardless of whether it is allowed.

29. Relinquishing one’s respect before the demonic is the best demise.

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