Believe quotes and Believer sayings

believe quotes and trusted sayings

Believe quotes of Hazrat Ali:

  1. A believer is exceptionally honest in his discourse and liberal in his generosity.


  1. A believer is always alert, sitting tight for one of the two helps of this world or the Hereafter.


  1. A believer is pure, placated, free from wrongdoing and devout.


  1. A believer is one whose adoration is for [the purpose of] Allah, whose detest is for Allah, whose taking is for Allah and whose leaving is for Allah.


  1. A believer is appreciative in [times of] comfort, persistent in tribulation and dreadful in prosperity.


  1. A believer is moderate in [times of] prosperity, [and] avoids the [pleasures of this] world.


  1. A believer is [always] among gift and bad behavior, [and] nothing changes these two aside from appreciation and apology.


  1. A believer is noble, fair, independent, careful and troubled.


  1. A believer never forgets [Allah], much of the time mulls over, is appreciative for endowments and patient even with tribulation.


  1. A believer is humble, free, certain and devout.

Believers of God quotes:

  1. At the point when a believer is asked [for help], he helps, and when he inquires [other for help], he is indulgent [and does not overburden them].


  1. A believer is careful about his wrongdoings, continually dreading reprimand and seeking after the benevolence of his Lord.


  1. To a believer, this world is his field, activity is his undertaking, passing is his blessing and Paradise is his prize.


  1. A believer is one who has sanitized his heart of awfulness.


  1. A believer is one whose undertaking is close, whose distress is far off, whose quietness is much and whose activities are earnest.


  1. A believer is excited in [his] compliance [to Allah] and abstains from what is taboo.


  1. The spirit of a believer is firmer than a hard shake while he is [himself] humbler than a slave.


  1. At the point when a believer watches, he takes exercise; and when he is calm, he thinks about; and when he talks, he recollects [Allah]; and when he is given, he is thankful; and when he experiences hardship, he is tolerant.


  1. At the point when a believer is advised, he limits himself; and when he is cautioned, he winds up careful; and when he is demonstrated a model, he learns [from it]; and when he is reminded, he recollects; and when he is mistreated, he excuses.


  1. The tirelessness of a believer is [in] his renunciation [of common pleasures], his advantage is [in] his religiosity, his poise is [in] his satisfaction and his endeavoring is for his Hereafter. His great deeds are many, his status is raised and he has overseen [to gain] his opportunity and salvation.

Believer quotes and sayings:

  1. A believer takes a gander at this world with eyes that determine exercise, and expends from it just what is important, and hears in it with ears of disdain what’s more, hostility [towards it].


  1. The believers accuse themselves and are frightful of their past slip-ups; they hate this world, energetically long for the Hereafter and hurry towards [acts of] dutifulness.


  1. A believer is one who holds on for the damage that individuals deliver [on him] in any case, no one is ever hurt by him.


  1. The believer is one who defends his Hereafter by [sacrificing] his world, while the horrible is one who protects his reality by [sacrificing] his From this point forward.


  1. A believer is devoted to himself and battles against his vain wants also, emotions.


  1. Be cautious about the assessments of believers, for Allah, the Glorified, effectuates reality through their tongues.


  1. The most respectable of believers is the most wise of them.


  1. The best of believers regarding conviction is the one whose taking, giving, outrage and delight are totally supportive of [the purpose of] Allah.


  1. Believers are surely compassionate.


  1. Verily believers are apprehensive [of disappointing Allah].

Believe quotes images:

  1. Surely the merriment of a believer is in his face, his quality is in his religion and his distress is in his heart.
  2. Verily a believer feels embarrassed if a demonstration which conflicts with his confidence is submitted by him.


  1. The objective of a believer is Paradise.


  1. The unnecessary quality of a believer is through [his dependence on] Allah, the glorified.


  1. He (the believer) has breathed life into his mind, murdered his desire, complied his Lord and defied his lower-self.


  1. What number of a believer has prevailing through persistence and thinking emphatically.


  1. Be a devout, mollified and unobtrusive believer.


  1. A believer has an ideal astuteness, a satisfying mercy, a tendency towards great deeds and an abhorrence towards terrible deeds.


  1. A believer has multiple times: a period for murmuring to his Lord, a period for surveying himself (or in another portrayal: a period for making courses of action for his employment) and when he openly has a ball with what is legal and lovely.


  1. The faith of a believer isn’t consummated until he regards solace to be a preliminary and distress to be a gift.

Believe motivational quotes:

  1. A believer is never observed to be desirous, vindictive or stingy.


  1. A believer is nothing other than avoiding and lenient.


  1. It profits a believer to feel embarrassed if the idea of defiance enters his thoughts.


  1. It profits a believer to stay loyal and to cover himself with devotion and satisfaction.


  1. A believer is tried with tribulation simply like the virtue of gold and silver is tried with flame.


  1. There are three indications of a believer: honesty, certitude and [having] short trusts.


  1. A believer is never observed to be anything other than substance.


  1. He who isn’t worried about improving his Hereafter isn’t a believer.


  1. If I somehow happened to strike the nose of a believer to make him detest me he would at present not detest me, and if I somehow happened to offer the entire world to a wolf in sheep’s clothing to make him adore me he would even now not cherish me.

Faith Quotes True Believer:


  1. One who accepts is protected.


  1. One who accepts expands his certitude.


  1. One who has confidence in Allah looks for [help and] assurance from Him.


  1. A believer has not [truly] accepted until he understands.


  1. The case of a believer resembles that of citronella, the two its taste and its aroma are charming.


  1. One who cleans his faith is guided.


  1. The worry of a believer is for his Hereafter, and every one of his endeavors are for his place of [final] return.


  1. A believer is rarely satisfied while his sibling is ravenous.


  1. A believer never misses the mark regarding patience and never gets restless at the point when looked with trouble.


  1. A man does not turn into a [true] believer until he is never again worried about what [food] will end his aches of appetite and which of his two clothing types he will wear.


  1. The sprightliness of a believer is in his face and his distress is in his heart. He has the broadest chest (for example has extraordinary persistence, learning and righteousness) and is most unassuming in soul. He despises high position and abhorrences fame. His despondency is long, his distress is inaccessible, his quietness is much and his time is involved. He is thankful and tolerant, submerged in his musings [about the Hereafter], saving in his companionship, accommodating and of delicate disposition. He is firmer than a hard shake however humbler than a slave.

Believe in yourself quotes:


  1. The magnificence of a believer’s face is from the unique support of Allah on him.


  1. Verily the certitude of a believer is found in his activities and the uncertainty of a faker is found in his activities.


  1. A believer is smart and wise.


  1. A believer is free from corruption and discord.


  1. A believer is humble, contrite and repentant.


  1. The idea of a believer is [being] true and his attribute is smothering outrage.


  1. The believers are with the end goal that their great deeds are normal and individuals are sheltered from their abhorrence.


  1. The dread of a believer is in his heart and his apology is in his affirmation.


  1. Three things are embellishments for believers: dread of Allah, honest discourse and returning trusts [to their legitimate owners].


  1. The excellence of a believer is his devotion.

Non believer quotes:


  1. The delight of a believer is in the submission of his Lord, and his distress is because of his wrongdoing.


  1. The respectability of a believer is in his avoiding what is taboo and hurrying towards ethics.


  1. A believer is agreeable, considerate, congenial and dependable.


  1. A believer commits couple of errors and does a lot of work.


  1. The manner of a believer is described by control and his lead is upstanding.


  1. A believer severely dislikes inactive play and likes to buckle down.


  1. At the point when the spirit of a believer climbs to the sky, the heavenly attendants are stunned and state: It is inconceivable how he was spared from a spot where the best of us got ruined.


  1. A believer is tragic in his contemplation [about himself], saving in his fellowship.


  1. A believer has a mellow aura and is accommodating.

Hazrat Ali Believe Quotes:


80. A believer does not mistreat [anyone] and shuns sin.


  1. A believer is reasonable for the person who is unreasonable to him.


  1. A believer is loving, charming and caring.


  1. For sure believers are congenial and considerate.


  1. Believers are for sure righteous.


  1. For sure believers are dreadful [of Allah].


  1. A believer is [gauged] by his activities.


  1. Believers have more insight [than others].

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