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best qoutes ever saying us
best qoutes ever saying us

Qoutes Of The Day :

Here are some of favorite qoutes Of imam Ali. Every word Says by Hazrat Ali have a great lesson for us.

  • The best sort of riches is to surrender unnecessary wants.

  • One who says annoying things regarding others, will himself rapidly turn into an objective of their outrage.

  • . One who expectations unnecessarily, debilitates his deeds.

  • Prescribed supplications can’t accomplish the joys of Allah for you when required petitions are left unattended.

  • An intelligent man first thinks and afterward talks, and a trick talks first and later think.

  • A trick’s psyche is helpless before his tongue, and an astute man’s tongue is under the control of his brain.

  • One of the partners of Imam became sick. Imam Ali called upon him and consequently advised him: “Be grateful to Allah. He has made this ailment a thing to give penance your transgressions because sickness in itself has nothing to carry reward to anybody, it only appeases one’s wrongdoings thus far as remuneration is concerned, one needs to acquire it with his great words and great deeds. The All-powerful Ruler stipends Heaven to his creatures by their devotion and important considerations”.

Best English quotes:

  • May Allah Favor Kabbab ibne Irrat. He grasped Islam of his free will and moved (from Makkah) happily. He carried on with a satisfying life. He bowed cheerfully before the Desire of Allah, and he lives like a Mujahid ( a Fighter for the right )

  • Favored is the man who always kept the eternal life in his view, who recollected the Day of Judgment through the entirety of his deeds, who had a satisfying existence and who was content with the part that Allah had bound for him.

  • On the off chance that I cut a dedicated Muslim into pieces to make him despise Me, he won’t transform into my adversary, and if I give all the abundance of this world to a scoundrel to make him my companion, he won’t become a close acquaintance with me. It is so because the Sacred Prophet has stated: ” O Ali! No unwavering Muslim will ever be your adversary, and no fraud will ever be your companion. “
  • The transgression which makes you miserable and contrite is more enjoyed by Allah than the great deed which turns you haughty.

  • Estimation of a man relies on his mental fortitude; his veracity relies on his dignity, and his modesty relies on his feeling of respect.

  • Achievement is the aftereffect of premonition and goals, foreknowledge relies on profound thought and arranging, and the most significant factor of arranging is to stay discreet to yourself.
  • Fear a man of his word when he is ravenous, and of a mean individual when his stomach is full.

  • Hearts of individuals resemble wild brutes. They join themselves to the individuals who love and train them.

Best Qoutes:

  • Since fortune is favoring you, your imperfections will stay secured.
  • Just he who can rebuff can exculpate.
  • Liberality is to help a meriting individual without his solicitation, and if you help him after his solicitation, at that point it is either out of dignity or to keep away from blame.
  • There is no more noteworthy riches than astuteness, no more prominent destitution than obliviousness; no more remarkable legacy than culture and no more noteworthy help than an interview.
  • Persistence is of two sorts: tolerance over what torments you, and endurance against what you pine for.

Good qoutes:

Whoever offers refuge to the person who looks for his assistance, Allah will concede him refuge from His discipline.

One who shields a fearful individual from what he fears, Allah, the Glorified, will shield him from His reprimand.

Numerous an individual who is secure gets startled.

Nothing brings more prominent security than [having] confidence and [performing] great deeds.


By Allah, nobody prevents the security of the serene or removes the privileges of the individuals with the exception of the distrusting heathen and the beguiling renegade.


Try not to be misled by [a false sense of] security, for you will definitely be taken from your asylum.

Life qoutes About Security:


It isn’t proper for an insightful individual to live in dread when he has figured out how to [attain] security.

There is no gift superior to security.

Security is [a cause of] misleading; dread is [a implies of] safety measure.

The sweetness of security is spoilt by the sharpness of dread and frenzy.

Numerous a security transforms into dread.


The solace of life is in security.


Motivational qoutes Of Hazrat Ali


One who has a sense of safety from the plan of Allah, his feeling that all is well with the world is purposeless (or his confidence is invalidated).

He from whose malevolent individuals are not protected, isn’t secure from the discipline of Allah.

The human being is [distinguished] by his astuteness.

The uprightness of a human being is in controlling the tongue and doing great deeds.


The product of intimacy with Allah is keeping unapproachable from the individuals.

How might one become private with Allah when he has not isolated himself from the creation?


One who gets physically involved with Allah keeps unapproachable from the individuals.

One who keeps detached from the individuals, winds up cozy with Allah, the Glorified.


The solace of security is evacuated by the tension of forlornness and the misgiving of dread irritates the commonality of society.


Intimacy is in three [people]: A perfect spouse, an honest kid and a pleasant sibling.


The most meriting intimacy among the individuals is the dear companion.

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