Who is Hazrat Ali Complete Biography with introduction

full biography hazrat ali
full biography hazrat ali

Biography Of Hazrat Ali

Hazrat Ali Ibn e Abi Talib (A.S) known as abu talib ( Hazrat Imran ) was the son in law and cousin of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), the husband of the Siddiqat ul Tahirah Hazrat Bibi Fatima (A.S), father of the leaders of the youth of heaven Imam Hassan o Hussain (A.S).He(A.S) has been widely regarded as a complete role model in all the facets of one’s life whether it be social dealings, political domain, economic matters, personal relationships, family matters, military tactics, loyalty or spiritual comprehension of the creator of the Universe. He (A.S) is considered as the guiding light in all the dimensions of human life by not only the Muslims but the non Muslim historians also deem him as one of the most righteous ruler and an outstanding example of social justice by the way he made decisions in every case that came across his vision of justice. Quotes of Hazrat Ali are the gifts for the world that bring them out of the darkness and bring light to them.

His Quranic knowledge knew no bounds and his wisdom so limitless that he announced on the pulpit of Mosque: “ Salooni Salooni, Qabl Ant’tafqadooni (Ask me, Ask me, Before you lose me)”; a bold statement no one yet claimed in history. Such is the excellence of knowledge, wisdom, and comprehension, yet no one truly got benefited from such an ocean of understanding.

Holy Prophet(S.A.W) said about him, which is a very well renowned saying of Rasool Allah :

“I am the city of knowledge, and Ali is its gate.” You can only enter a city through its gate and to open the paths of wisdom, to ingress the roads of mastery, to cherish the fountain of knowledge, and one must enter through the gate. One has to contemplate on the sayings of Mola Ali (A.S), ponder on the sermons of the Babul Ilm, reflect on the narrations of Commander of the Faithful if one genuinely wants to purify the soul and rectify deeds and lead a life following the commandments of Holy Quran and Ahadith.

Nehjul Balagha is the book of collection of sermons, letters, and narrations of Mola Ali, which is regarded as a masterpiece in Islamic literature. Its literal meaning is ‘Peak of eloquence’ and is named rightly so. It’s every word measured and calculated, and it’s rhetoric style is so emphatic and convincing that it etches a profound impact in the reader’s mind. One khutba is without Alif, and one is without Nuqta, these both are regarded as one of the greatest masterpieces of Arabic literature because without using these words sentences are very difficult to make in Arabic, and yet the Babul Ilm creates a mesmerizing paragon. Here you get all the quotes of hazrat Ali in urdu english and also videos explaining alot.


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