solidier quotes sayings

Ten Great Lessons You Can Learn From Soldier Quotes

Soldier Quotes: 1. Soldiers who battle for Islam are the greatness of religion and the bastions of its pioneers. 2. Escaping at the correct minute is...
vison sight quotes

Vision Quotes Sight observation Sayings

Vision Definition: Vision quotes define by something we able to see, The power of sight , Faculty of Sight, eyesight, ability to see, Clear thinking...
happiness quotes sayings

Quotes About A Smile Cheerful Happiness Sayings

Quotes About A Smile: What is happiness when you feel something happening good around you when you enjoy and have some good reasons you get...
happiness quotes sayings

Righteous Quotes and Sayings

Righteous Quotes Definition: The man who is morally right and justified, good decent , worthy ,Doing the things in right way see what hazrat Ali...
initiative quotes saying

Initiative Quotes Best Inspirational Sayings

Initiative Quotes: The best Initiative quotes define by Hazrat Ali is given below. The power to take action step up before someone else, You can...
miser quotes saying

Miser and Greedy Quotes of hazrat Ali

Hazrat Ali quotes for miser and greedy person in the world avoid the greedy one he always put you on danger his friendship is...
greed stinginess quotes saying

Greed Quotes and Stinginess Hazrat Ali Quotes

Greed Quotes and stingy Quotes saying by hazrat Ali a wise man in universe. Greedy quotes explain and stinginess by Imam Ali its self. Stinginess...
acting quotes saying

Acting Quotes Deliberateness

Acting quotes and deliberateness quotes from wise saying of hazrat Ali must read this top acts quotes of Imam Ali and improve your experience...
believe quotes and trusted sayings

Believe quotes and Believer sayings

Believe quotes of Hazrat Ali: A believer is exceptionally honest in his discourse and liberal in his generosity.   A believer is always alert, sitting...
faith quotes

Best Faith Quotes

What is Faith ? Second name of Faith is Trust when we trust someone we are keeping faith on him. A word of Confidence on...