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Hazrat Ali Quotes In English Key To Success every where

Quotes of Hazrat Ali: we regularly update the quotes so visit daily for new just type in search or ctrl+f for search your desire word...
believe quotes and trusted sayings

Believe quotes and Believer sayings

Believe quotes of Hazrat Ali: A believer is exceptionally honest in his discourse and liberal in his generosity.   A believer is always alert, sitting...
Modesty quotes

New 38 All Time best Inspiring Modesty quotes and Sayings

what is modesty:  Be polite with someone give request to someone show some kindness. Speak gentle with manners. The best definition of modesty is when...
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Brothers quotes | Friends the Companion quote

  Brothers  Friends The Companion Quotes: Brothers are the best of advantages in times of hardship. مشکل وقت میں سب سے زیادہ فائدے مند تمھارے بھائی ہیں The...
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Self Sacrifice Quotes by Hazrat Ali in English And Urdu

Self Sacrifice Defination: compromise your feelings your interest to help others to give benefits to others Self-Sacrifice Hazrat Ali Quotes : Self sacrifice is prudence; accumulating ...
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Life Hereafter Quotes the True Motivational Sayings

Quotes OF Hazrat Ali About Life Hereafter means (Akhrat ) the Everlasting life qoutes After the world is no more : Life Hereafter Quotes : O,...
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Righteous Quotes and Sayings

Righteous Quotes Definition: The man who is morally right and justified, good decent , worthy ,Doing the things in right way see what hazrat Ali...
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Hazrat Ali Quotes In English About Favor or To Be Kind

Favor Hazrat Ali Quotes In English : Many people move towards lowness due to favor from God and are deceived to conceal his evil and...
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Who is Hazrat Ali Complete Biography with introduction

Biography Of Hazrat Ali Hazrat Ali Ibn e Abi Talib (A.S) was the son in law and cousin of Holy Prophet (S.A.W), the husband of...
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Sincerity quotes honesty quotes and sayings About Life

sincerity definition: to be honest in every thing to be caring to be sincere with your God with your friends with your parent and to...