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Miser and Greedy Quotes of hazrat Ali

Hazrat Ali quotes for miser and greedy person in the world avoid the greedy one he always put you on danger his friendship is...
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Top Best english quotes All Time Favorite Qoutes Sayings

Qoutes Of The Day : Here are some of favorite qoutes Of imam Ali. Every word Says by Hazrat Ali have a great lesson for...
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Righteous Quotes and Sayings

Righteous Quotes Definition: The man who is morally right and justified, good decent , worthy ,Doing the things in right way see what hazrat Ali...
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Hazrat Ali Quotes And Saying About The World In islam

Hazrat Ali Quotes: Hazrat Ali heard somebody mishandling and accusing the world and said to him, "O you, who are accusing the world, who have...
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Believe quotes and Believer sayings

Believe quotes of Hazrat Ali: A believer is exceptionally honest in his discourse and liberal in his generosity.   A believer is always alert, sitting...
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Quotes About A Smile Cheerful Happiness Sayings

Quotes About A Smile: What is happiness when you feel something happening good around you when you enjoy and have some good reasons you get...
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Self Sacrifice Quotes by Hazrat Ali in English And Urdu

Self Sacrifice Defination: compromise your feelings your interest to help others to give benefits to others Self-Sacrifice Hazrat Ali Quotes : Self sacrifice is prudence; accumulating ...
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Ineptness quotes About the inept person

Ineptness : what is inept person and ineptness below we discuss in detail about ineptness quotes. If we talk in simple word ineptness is the...
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Hazrat Ali Quotes In English About Favor or To Be Kind

Favor Hazrat Ali Quotes In English : Many people move towards lowness due to favor from God and are deceived to conceal his evil and...
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Top 62 Quotes on Renunciation | best spiritual sayings

Top Renunciation Quotes 1. Renunciation of worldly pleasures is the better of the two solaces. 2. Renunciation of worldly pleasures is the quality of the God-watchful...