matter quotes and sayings

Matters Quotes All From Hazrat Ali

Everyone in life is dealing with many type of matters they have like as family matters in home friends matters, life problems money type...
Allah quotes eating quotes

Eating quotes | Allah attributes Quotes By Hazrat Ali

Eating Quotes By Hazrat Ali    Eating less is from poise and overeating is from extravagance. کم کھانا خودکی بھلائی ہے اور زیادہ کھانا خود سے زیادتی...
Etiquette quotes

Etiquette and manners Hazrat Ali Quotes in English

Etiquette Quotes By Hazrat Ali: Complete etiquette quotes from hazrat ali saying all the words are valuable read and enjoy and learn the ways to...
Brothers quotes Companion quotes

Brothers quotes | Friends the Companion quote

  Brothers  Friends The Companion Quotes: Brothers are the best of advantages in times of hardship. مشکل وقت میں سب سے زیادہ فائدے مند تمھارے بھائی ہیں The...
self sacrifice Quotes

Self Sacrifice Quotes by Hazrat Ali in English And Urdu

Self Sacrifice Defination: compromise your feelings your interest to help others to give benefits to others Self-Sacrifice Hazrat Ali Quotes : Self sacrifice is prudence; accumulating ...
favor quotes and sayings

Hazrat Ali Quotes In English About Favor or To Be Kind

Favor Hazrat Ali Quotes In English : Many people move towards lowness due to favor from God and are deceived to conceal his evil and...
nehjul balagah quotes sayings

Hazrat Ali Quotes And Saying About The World In islam

Hazrat Ali Quotes: Hazrat Ali heard somebody mishandling and accusing the world and said to him, "O you, who are accusing the world, who have...
nehjul balagah quotes sayings

Hazrat Ali Quotes From Nehjul Balagah

Hazrat Ali Quotes: To verify for you distinction, acknowledge just as favors, the assistance that you provide for men out of luck, ought to...
Honesty sincerity quotes sayings

Honesty Quotes Hazrat Ali Quotes In English About Sincerity

Honesty Quotes: Read Hazrat Ali Quotes and saying About Honesty and sincerity. The start of religion is the comprehension of Allah, and the height of understanding...
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Quotes About Death : Hazrat Ali Quotes In English

Hazrat Ali Quotes In English About Death or Demise: A persons death is hidden from him, and his Desire keeps cheating on him.   Every...