why do muslim not eat pork

Why Muslim Don’t Eat Pork According To Islam

WHY MUSLIM DON’T EAT PORK Islam is the most divine religion of the world; Islam is the second-largest religion of the world with 1.8 billion...
relatives quotes family

Everything You Wanted to Know About RELATIVES QUOTES

Family and Relatives quotes 1. By keeping ties with close to relatives, endowments stream forward . 2. By cutting off ties with close to relatives, divine...
Hope only from Allah

Save All your Hope and Mercy For Allah

Save All your Hope For Allah: 1. Save all your hope for Allah, the Glorified, and don't have hope anybody other than Him, for...
perception of islam about carona virus,

Islamic perception of outbreak with reference to Corona Virus

Islam Perception about corona virus As you all know the world has been made hostage, almost all the activities being ceased completely, nature seems to...
Opinion and opinionated quotes

Opinions and the Opinionated Best Inspiring quotes

Opinion: every person has their own opinion and thoughts in this world people step forward what they think is better for them. They think...
vices quotes islamic motivational

Top 40 Vices quotes to better understand the meanings

Vices quotes 1. Vices are an illness, and its cure is looking for absolution, and its fix isn't rehashing the vices. 2. Messing with a transgression...
Remembering Allah Quotes

Remembering Allah Will Help You in Your Whole Life

Remembering Allah is Great 1. Remembering Allah is the better of the two additions. 2. Remembering Allah solaces the spirit, lights up the heart and cuts...
religion quotes

Religion Quotes and Saying In islam everyone Should Read

Religion Quotes In Islam 1. Religion is the more noteworthy of the two genealogies. 2. Religion and great habits are a consequence of insight. 3. The establishment...
Remedy and ailment quotes

Remedy and Ailment Quotes and Inspiring Saying

Remedy and Ailment Quotes 1. Numerous a remedy achieves an ailment. 2. Numerous an ailment transforms into a remedy. 3. Now and then the remedy is itself...
World quotes fact and saying

The Fact and Inspiring saying About The world Quotes

What is world a complete definition World Quotes 1. This world is neither clean for any consumer to drink from nor is it faithful to...