Benevolence Quotes

Benevolence Quotes (282 quotes) What is a benevolent person?

What is a benevolent person? Giving grace to the adversary is one of the two triumphs.  Lining up one support with another support is from...
Treachery And Disloyalty quotes

Top Best Treachery And Disloyalty Betrayed Quotes

Treachery And Disloyalty quotes 1. Avoid treachery for it is a cause of getting some distance from Islam. غداری سے اجتناب کریں کیونکہ یے اسلام سے...
full biography hazrat ali

Read Best Saying About Greed Quotes and Selfishness

Greed Quotes: When people get something they want they become greedy to get more and more and in that case they become selfish. And this...
anxiety quotes sayings

Anxiety Quotes Explore New ones 2020

Anxiety Quotes 1. Anxiety during hardship finishes the disaster. مشکل کے دوران پریشانی تباہی کو ہے 2. Anxiety during misfortune is severer than the affliction...
Good Character quotes traits

Good Character Quotes and traits you all want to read About

Good character definition: What is good character so here are some best example to understand what actually good character means. After looking the character of...
Truth quotes About Life

Truth quotes Why is it important to tell the truth

what is truth? Truth is a sharp sword. Truth is the ideal way.  Truth is the most grounded supporter. Truth is the clearest course. The...
generosity quotes about generous

Generosity Quotes Inspirational kindness saying

Generosity Quotes: 1. Generosity for Allah is the love of the close individuals to Allah. اللہ کی رضا کے لئے سخاوت قریب ترین لوگوں کی عبادت...
perception of islam about carona virus,

Islamic perception of outbreak with reference to Corona Virus

Islam Perception about corona virus As you all know the world has been made hostage, almost all the activities being ceased completely, nature seems to...
Paradise quotes jannat

Top Paradise quotes and sayings in islam

Paradise Quotes: 1. Paradise is the best spot of return and hellfire is the most exceedingly awful spot of home. جنت واپسی کا بہترین مقام ہے...
Wisdom quotes wise sayings

How Wisdom Quotes Can Help You Improve Your Life

what is wisdom quotes: Wisdom is a nursery for the astute and a promenade for the honorable. Wisdom  quotes doesn't settle in the core of...