Fulfillment Quotes

Fulfillment quotes about your dream come true

Quotes about fulfillment of your dreams: 1. Verily the requirements of the individuals that are routed to you are a gift from Allah upon you,...
falsehood quotes sayings

Falsehood quotes top best untruth Sayings

Falsehood Meanings: The world of being untrue always do the wrong things to other unjustified. Bad for others always react opposite to good and right...
repentance quotes

Repentance quotes In islam

Repentance quotes Repentance is a genuine lament, looking for absolution with the tongue, deserting with the appendages and an assurance never to rehash it...
Benevolence Quotes

Benevolence Quotes (282 quotes) What is a benevolent person?

What is a benevolent person? Giving grace to the adversary is one of the two triumphs.  Lining up one support with another support is from...
planning quotes

Planning Quotes To Reach Your Goals In Life Easily

Importance of planning  planning play important role in our life the people who plans things before doing is the most successful people and the persons...
ignorance quotes sayings

Ignorance Quotes and stupidity Define in Detail

Define Ignorance: Someone with a lack of information and he don't admit it he always thought that he is right and everyone else is wrong....
Good Character quotes traits

Good Character Quotes and traits you all want to read About

Good character definition: What is good character so here are some best example to understand what actually good character means. After looking the character of...
Tolerance quotes

Tolerance Quotes Learn How To Tolerate the Things

Tolerance quotes 1. Tolerance is evidence of insight and an image of greatness. 2. Tolerance is the decoration of friendship. 3. Tolerance is the adornment of legislative...
vices quotes islamic motivational

Top 40 Vices quotes to better understand the meanings

Vices quotes 1. Vices are an illness, and its cure is looking for absolution, and its fix isn't rehashing the vices. 2. Messing with a transgression...
Opinion and opinionated quotes

Opinions and the Opinionated Best Inspiring quotes

Opinion: every person has their own opinion and thoughts in this world people step forward what they think is better for them. They think...