Remembering Allah Quotes

Remembering Allah Will Help You in Your Whole Life

Remembering Allah is Great 1. Remembering Allah is the better of the two additions. 2. Remembering Allah solaces the spirit, lights up the heart and cuts...
religion quotes

Religion Quotes and Saying In islam everyone Should Read

Religion Quotes In Islam 1. Religion is the more noteworthy of the two genealogies. 2. Religion and great habits are a consequence of insight. 3. The establishment...
Remedy and ailment quotes

Remedy and Ailment Quotes and Inspiring Saying

Remedy and Ailment Quotes 1. Numerous a remedy achieves an ailment. 2. Numerous an ailment transforms into a remedy. 3. Now and then the remedy is itself...
World quotes fact and saying

The Fact and Inspiring saying About The world Quotes

What is world a complete definition World Quotes 1. This world is neither clean for any consumer to drink from nor is it faithful to...
supplication quotes prayers quotes

Supplication quotes best Islamic quotes about prayers

Supplication Definition what is supplication and what does supplication mean in this we define supplication with full of its meaning. Supplication is the way of...
planning quotes

Planning Quotes To Reach Your Goals In Life Easily

Importance of planning  planning play important role in our life the people who plans things before doing is the most successful people and the persons...
Treachery And Disloyalty quotes

Top Best Treachery And Disloyalty Betrayed Quotes

Treachery And Disloyalty quotes 1. Avoid treachery for it is a cause of getting some distance from Islam. غداری سے اجتناب کریں کیونکہ یے اسلام سے...
good quotes and sayings

Good Quotes that brings a great change in your life

Good quotes about life 1. Well doesn't disappear. 2. Good is simpler to do than a shrewd activity. 3. The worst thing about goodness is an underhanded...
Good Character quotes traits

Good Character Quotes and traits you all want to read About

Good character definition: What is good character so here are some best example to understand what actually good character means. After looking the character of...
Fulfillment Quotes

Fulfillment quotes about your dream come true

Quotes about fulfillment of your dreams: 1. Verily the requirements of the individuals that are routed to you are a gift from Allah upon you,...