Paradise quotes jannat

Top Paradise quotes and sayings in islam

Paradise Quotes: 1. Paradise is the best spot of return and hellfire is the most exceedingly awful spot of home. جنت واپسی کا بہترین مقام ہے...
anxiety quotes sayings

Anxiety Quotes Explore New ones 2020

Anxiety Quotes 1. Anxiety during hardship finishes the disaster. مشکل کے دوران پریشانی تباہی کو ہے 2. Anxiety during misfortune is severer than the affliction...
experience quotes tajurba

Experience quotes about wonderful life

Experience Quotes: How to live successful life according to the wise saying experience quotes by hazrat Ali. we get experience with wrong decision and we...
repentance quotes

Repentance quotes In islam

Repentance quotes Repentance is a genuine lament, looking for absolution with the tongue, deserting with the appendages and an assurance never to rehash it...
falsehood quotes sayings

Falsehood quotes top best untruth Sayings

Falsehood Meanings: The world of being untrue always do the wrong things to other unjustified. Bad for others always react opposite to good and right...