Islamic perception of outbreak with reference to Corona Virus

perception of islam about carona virus,

Islam Perception about corona virus

As you all know the world has been made hostage, almost all the activities being ceased completely, nature seems to be taking a break all due to a tiny disease causing particle called Corona Virus which is not even visible to naked eye we thought we would narrate Islamic narrative of an outbreak to ease the nerves of our fellow brothers and stick to what Islam the religion of pure has to say about the outbreak.

Contrary to what religious clerics has to say about the outbreak that no religious gathering like Jumma or any other congregation would be stopped, the Holy Prophet has said about the outbreak:

“Don’t go/travel into the region of outbreak, and if you’re in the region of outbreak don’t move from there”

On another occasion He said:

If you’re diseased, don’t mix with people without the disease

This heavily explains the stoppage of all the religious congregations. Islam is the religion of piece as much as it lays emphasis on the ritual practices which are actually for the betterment of human being,it also emphasize the importance of person’s physical health and the protection of social hierarchy for the sustenance of a peaceful community.

As of other guidelines preached by WHO, like wash your hand, cover your sneeze, maintain social distancing, Islam as already put so much emphasis on the cleanliness that on occasion the Prophet said:

Cleanliness is half the faith

Declaring cleanliness the equal part of faith clearly depicts the utmost emphasis on the importance of cleanliness that Islam puts on. All the personal hygiene practices have been instructed by the holy behavior of the Holy Prophet that urges all Muslims to maintain it and prevent themselves from diseases and maintain their health as a healthy body can work together with a healthy body to achieve all the duties one has to do.
So, contrary to the popular belief that Islamic rituals are coming in the way of halting the spread of Covid-19, Islam has a clear perception of what to do during an outbreak. The religious fundamentalist clerics which are preaching science has failed and commanding not to stop religious congregations are actually going against the instructions of Islam teachings of an outbreak. It’s no one’s failure it may be seen as tribulation and trial from the Almighty that he can humble us the humans through his own ways. But we should keep hope and believe that we will be relieved from this disaster by the combined efforts of all the groups of society doctors, scientists, scholars, state administration and by the Help of Almighty Allah. So follow the instructions given by the medical personnel and stay safe.

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Article written by Dr , Murtaza Haider Zaidi ( passed out from King Edward Medical University)


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