Creation of man By God The fact of Adam And Eve

creation of Mans by God

Creation of man:

Today we discuss about creation of man by God. This website is all about the saying of hazrat Ali so below we talk about what hazrat Ali said about human and Adam creation. Everyone in this universe have different thoughts about the human creation how they come in this world. Science does a lot of research on human structure and how the baby was born from his mother. See what Hazrat Ali said about the birth of child by her mother he said Allah says: We arrange baby in his mother’s womb in such a way that he hides in the darkness of the womb the darkness of the Belly and the darkness of the membrane. Child doesn’t have anything to eat there so the blood of a woman’s menstrual becomes baby food as long as he lives there.

But here we are talking about the first man in this universe. If science says that we born as child so I asked how this begins.  So there are different views of different people as we all Muslim said God create the Creation and this whole universe. So definitely he creates a man for his worship. He make everything and if we thought that this is not possible then think how this universe is working what was the first incident in this world. You all guys are familiar from black hole theory but the question remains same. So let’s talk about some facts.

Who is the first man created by God?

As we said before everyone have his own opinion but all the historical books already prove this that the first man on this universe is Hazrat Adam and Ama Hawa ( eve ). But I always say that he is the first man not a first creation of God and we give also prove from the Holy Book of Muslim Called Quran. God create many things before Hazrat Adam Like as angels, sky, earth, day and night the sun and the moon and many many more things water, fire, air, soil.

Creation of Jinn before Adam:

Yes, you are thinking right the jin is also created before hazrat Adam. As Allah said in Quran the Iblees (shaitan ) was jin he denied Gods Order to bow in front of Adam when Hazrat Adam is Just a Clay sculpture. He Said to Allah that I was superior to this man whom you decide to rule the world under your command.  This whole story is written in Quran so the jinn who we called iblees his first name was Azazeel when he lives with other Jin. He follow Allah orders a lot so He become the leader and name Haris there. He becomes more obedient of God and become the leader of all the angels. But when he disobeys the order to bend in front of ADAM he denied as then his name becomes IBLEES.  Gods Create Shaitan with Fire and that’s why he is saying I am superior with Adam because he made up of clay. But then God say you don’t know better than me So God punish Him and send him to earth. And he promise God that he will seduce his sincere servants on the earth.

God create Adam

Creation of Adam Fact:

God create human with 4 main elements as we all know water, fire, air and soil. God mix this item to create sculpture of Adam as mention in Quran I made Adam with my two hands with my power and then God put spirit in his body and give him life so in this way Adam creates by God not by birth this is only possible by Gods Power. The first man he creates with water and soil and chooses to rule the universe under his command and that’s why Iblees become his enemy. So God send Adam as a khalifa on earth As Quran mention.  And this is the beginning of our world when more humans born by Adam and Eve.

How was Eve created?

After hazrat Adam God create eve name (hawwa) in Islam by the rib of hazrat Adam. And introduced both and for many years they live in heaven God order to not go to near the tree and don’t eat from it. But Shaitan called Iblees misguide Adam and force to go near that tree and that’s it God decide to send them on earth as to learn a lesson and the test has been started of Adam and Eve.

First Child Born By Adam and Eve:

Both of them send on different place we are not going so deep in the story as everyone told this but we revealed the secret  of first born by them.  Adam and Hawwa meet on earth after many years and they first born two child called Habeel and Kabeel. Shaitan involves in their life and he trick Qabeel and he become against Habeel and in short Habeel was murdered by Qabeel and Qabeel ran away from hazrat Adam.  Then God decide to increase population on earth and he gave two son to adam one called Seesh And other one is Yaftion. But think about it all the son of hazrat Adam is Sister and Brothers so how could they marriage each other because it is a wrong act according to Islam (Haram Act). So God send two Angels one for Seesh And other for yaft they married with both girls and this is how the human begins. Now seesh  gave birth to girl and yaft to boy and they also both married to each other.

So this is the fact how this All thing happened if hazrat Adam and Hawwa Sons marriage to each other than its going to against the rule of islam because they are siblings. So God send two angels for Adam two sons. Like as God create Adam and Eve.

So hope you like this article more to come according to the saying of Hazrat Ali.



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