Hazrat Ali Quotes In English About Favor or To Be Kind

favor quotes and sayings
favor quotes and sayings

Favor Hazrat Ali Quotes In English :

Many people move towards lowness due to favor from God and are deceived to conceal his evil and become deceived by the praise.


Allah does not take any examination except to give respite.


Do favor with others if you want support for yourself.


Be kind and good in return for those who did evil to you.


If you give favor to those who always speak the vulgar language, then it will shut their mouth.


You will become a leader of a person with whom you gave favor.


Hazrat Ali said I had not favored anyone, People surprised and asked; Then Imam Ali Says remember what God Said to us
“If you have favored, it is for yourself, and if anybody did evil then he too did for himself ”


You can do good with anyone, then you should be obliged to do so if you stopped the chain of goodness, it was worthless and if it was worthless then why you start it.


The only act of kindness you expect from bad people is that if they don’t hurt you.


When you do a favour on someone, he becomes your slave without buying.


As long as we are silent, we are listed in good people, but when we speak, we become good or bad in terms of words.



Hazrat Ali Quotes To Be Kind:

Goodness to evil makes the enemy peaceful.


The goodness with bad people is a great thing.

Do favour With someone is The best deeds in this world.


Another name of love is a favor.

Who does a favor to you is helping you?

Who is beneficial and favourable to others will live in the heart of people while they are no more in the world
The person who is helpful and pleasant to others will live in the heart of people while they are no more in the world.


The leader is the one who helped all the people.

If you want Superiority, then do favors to others because both are with each other.


Benevolent/openhanded is the one who spends more by giving out favors


Doing a lousy deed in return for a good deed is irreligious.

Giving favours to others at all times is the height of generosity.


whosoever has troubled you, try to do good to them and forgive them for their evil deeds.


Do favours, and then you will also be given favours.

Give support to those who have done wrong to you and be thankful for all the blessings Allah has given you.

Be kind to your employees/ workers, then. As a result, Allah will also be good for you.

Hazrat Ali Quotes In English About Kindness

Do good deeds, it will make you soft nature


Being favourable is the best part of faith

If you have done favours for others then consider yourself dignified, and by doing this, you have done yourself a favour too.


Without a doubt, Momineen are the ones who give favours

Favours can help you win over a heart

Denying someone favour can because of deprivation.


The best human is one who gets happy while doing.

                        Quotes By Hazrat Ali About Favor and To Be Kind

Good deeds and asks for repentance when does any evil deed


Being graceful/ giving favours to people is a source of faith


Giving favours to others is the essence of Islam

Keep on doing favours for your fellow brothers and hide your sins by repenting for them


The goodness of being favourable is a part of humans virtue/ superiority.

Condemn bad behaviour with good behaviour in return.


Being favourable is a must for you as it is one of the best insurances.


Being able to do favors for others is the superiority of a human being

The person who stops being favorable to others, the ability to do favours is taken away from him/her


The person who stops being favourable then Allah stops the further opportunities of being pleasing to others.


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