Learn the Foolish Quotes Do not be fool by anyone

Foolish quotes fool sayings
Foolish quotes fool sayings

Definition Of foolish: 

Foolishness is involving oneself with the unnecessary and going with the uninformed. Foolishness is an affliction that can’t be helped and an infection that can’t be restored. The most noticeably awful poverty is foolishness. The most hurtful thing is foolishness. Below we discuss about some top foolish quotes.

Foolish quotes:

5. The tallness of foolishness is being flabbergasted [by the delights of this world].

6. The best foolishness is embellishment in commendation and scold.

7. The best foolishness is being vain in [the state of] destitution.

8. Foolishness is disfavor.

9. Foolishness is the most destructive friend.

10. Foolishness is the most exceedingly awful disease.

11. Foolishness prompts pointlessness.

12. Foolishness is from the products of numbness.

13. Foolishness makes one an outsider in his own old neighborhood.

14. How terrible infirmity foolishness is!

15. The destitution of foolishness isn’t lightened by [material] riches.

Top 10 Foolish Quotes

16. Being prideful in destitution is the stature of foolishness.

17. Building up fellowship with the horrendous is from the best [acts of] foolishness.

18. Being bold before the ruler is a demonstration of foolishness.

19. From the indications of foolishness are: being bold with no means and bragging without [possessing] any honorability.

20. With foolishness, what is looked for isn’t accomplished.

21. There is no illness more regrettable than foolishness.

23. There is no neediness more extreme than foolishness.

24. Foolishness is wretchedness.

Fool Sayings:

26. The fool is an outsider in his [own] old neighborhood, [and is] embarrassed among his almost ones.

27. A fool doesn’t improve by dishonor and he is doesn’t separate from issue and misfortune.

28. Be careful about the fool for verily, being agreeable with him will bring you hardship (or fumes you), concurring with him will devastate you, opposing this idea with him will cause you enduring and staying with his will be [like] a revile upon you.

29. The most foolish surprisingly is the person who feels that he is the savviest surprisingly.

30. The most foolish surprisingly is the person who forestalls great deeds and [then] looks for appreciation, and does fiendish and [then] expects the award for [doing] great.

31. The most foolish surprisingly is the person who scolds others for a bad habit while he [himself] performs it.

32. The fool doesn’t improve by being disfavored.

33. The remoteness of a fool is superior to anything his proximity and his quiet is superior to his discourse.

Fool me once Quotes

34. The foolishness of an individual is perceived by [his] merriment in times of gift and expanded degradation in the midst of tribulation.

35. The foolishness of an individual is perceived in three things: in his discussing what doesn’t concern him, [in] his noting what he was not asked and his carelessness in [his] issues.

36. Cutting off [ties with] the fool is prudence.

37. Be mindful of the fool when you are in his organization, of the horror at the point when you partner with him and of the oppressor when you manage him.

38. For the fool, there is a pledge with each statement.

39. Be mindful so as not to adore the fool, for he will doubtlessly hurt you while he believes that he is profiting you and will irritate you while he imagines that he is satisfying you.

40. Keeping quiet is the best reaction for a fool.

41. Expanded whimsicalness is from the indications of a fool.

42. Placing up with a fool is a torment for the spirit.

43. Never demonstrate regard to a fool, regardless of whether he is [apparently] incredible.

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Who’s the more foolish quote?

This is about foolish person because in reality the fool maker is smart then the person who been fooled. Once hazrat Ali Said . If you being succeed in making people fool don,t think you are smart think that the person who has been fooled by you how much he trust in you

How do you deal with fools quotes?

The best dealing is to read learn the lesson keep the quotes in mind so no one can make you fool again.

What makes a person foolish?

If truly said when people trust other person blindly without any verification than there is 100% chance that he has been fooled easily. so don,t trust people easily you have to think negative first why he is trying to connect with you so s you never been cheated in this way.

What does foolish mean?

Foolish is the person who do not have knowledge about the thing he is talking about. If you do not knowing the thing then the best option is to be quite there and learn and observe what other are saying. And in other word foolish is the person who knows that he is wrong but do not admit his mistake.



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