Good Character Quotes and traits you all want to read About

Good Character quotes traits
Good Character quotes traits

Good character definition:

What is good character so here are some best example to understand what actually good character means. After looking the character of person which brings the idea of good doing is definitely a good character person. Always thinking of benefits of the people give them favor avoid bad doings and company and impress people with your great deeds signifies a good character of a person. and what is the important of character in Islam. when person speak politely gently to others and give respect to others with manners and his deeds inspire people to follow him this is best example of a nice character. Person actions and speak always tell the character of the person how bad or good a person is. Here we discuss now some best good character quotes

Good character quotes

  • A refined character is one of the two endowments.
  • The best thing is a good character.
  • The most decent qualification is a good character.
  • The best of characteristics is a decent aspiration.
  • The most lovely characteristics are patience and virtuousness.
  • The most perfect surprisingly in heredity is the best of them in character.
  • The most satisfied surprisingly is one whose character is pleasing.
  • The best greatness is [in possessing] a delightful character.
  • There is no good in the trait of presumption, haughtiness, and pride.
  • The best characteristics are liberality, virtue, and serenity.
  • The best of ethics are those which drive you towards honorable deeds.
  • Verily Allah, the Glorified and Exalted, adores the individual who is congenial [and courteous], of tolerant attitude and brief in getting things done.
  • Verily it is from honorability of character to construct ties with the person who cuts you off, to give the one who denies you and to excuse one who wrongs you.
  • A commendable character is one of the products of knowledge.
  • He (‘a) said about those whom he lauded: When they talk, they are honest and when they are quiet, they are not outperformed. At the point when they look, they take exercise and when they dismiss, they are not occupied. When they talk, they recollect Allah and when they hush up, they examine.
  • One whose character is awful, his passing is considered a period of satisfaction.
  • At the point when the character is good, the discourse gets delicate.
  • When there is outstanding quality in a man, at that point anticipate from him other such characteristics.
  • At the point when the Qur’an calls you towards acquiring a wonderful quality, at that point urge yourself to receive a quality like it.
  • With good character, life gets wonderful.
  • By adopting good character, sustenance gets bottomless.
  • Settling on reality and avoiding misrepresentation is the most excellent quality and the best behavior.
  • Contend in securing a attractive character, incredible abstinence and grandiose thoughts, and your prize will get extraordinary.

Good character traits

  • The most decent nature of the respectable one is his pretending mindlessness and ignorance about that which he knows regarding the negative traits of others.
  • Respectable traits are acquired through troubles.
  • On the off chance that you should rival one another, at that point strive for acquiring attractive characteristics and excellent traits.
  • You ought to be energetic for admirable characteristics like securing the [rights of the] neighbor, satisfying the sureties, acquiescence to excellence and restriction to egotism; and improve yourselves with amazing traits.
  • Decide for yourself the best from each character trait, for sure uprightness is a propensity.
  • The best of traits is thoughtfulness.
  • The best trait is having a good character.
  • The apex of information is recognizing character traits, showing the commendable among them and smothering the culpable among them.
  • The embellishment of all traits is being cautious in fulfilling the sureties.
  • Avoid the most exceedingly terrible of each character trait and battle with yourself in avoiding it, for in reality malicious is willful.
  • How despicable are the traits of the contemptible and how good are the characteristics of the good!

What are the six traits of good character?

There are many but the most important factor are Trustworthy, Respect others, Be responsible, Fairness, Be Caring and Good Citizen

What makes a good character

  • Good character is an embellishment for the spirit and good appearance is a beautification for the body.
  • Embracing a good character is the best [means of following the] religion.
  • Good character is simply the best friend and arrogance is a covered up affliction.
  • Good character is from the best portion and the most temperate of characteristics.
  • Good character is one of the two bounties [of Allah].
  • Good character is the verification of a fair heritage.
  • Good character expands sustenance and causes allies to feel at ease.
  • Good character is the foundation of every single ethical act.
  • Good character achieves reverence and reinforces love.
  • The best character is the one that is farthest from stubbornness.
  • The best of characteristics is the most pleasing of them.
  • The best of all characteristics is honesty in discourse and respectable activities.
  • The establishment of conviction is [adopting a] good character and decorating oneself with reality.
  • I had, previously, a sibling in-confidence and his perspective on the world as something immaterial made him incredible in my eyes. He was above being constrained by the requirements of his appetency and consequently he never wanted for what he was unable to get nor would he request a greater amount of what he got. He was quiet more often than not yet when he talked, he hushed different speakers and extinguished the thirst [for answers] of examiners. He was [apparently] frail what’s more, weak however at the hour of the fight he resembled the lion of the timberland or the snake of the valley. He would not advance a contention except if it was definitive. He would not blame anybody in a passable issue until he had heard his reason. He would not make reference to any enduring aside from after recuperating from it. He would do as he says and not state what he does not do [himself]. In any event, when (or in the event that) he could be surpassed in talking, he couldn’t be exceeded expectations peacefully. He was more anxious to tune in than he was to talk. At the point when two things preceded him, he would see which of the two was nearer to vain want and would restrict it. You ought to all embrace these characteristics, in this manner secure them and contend with one another in them. What’s more, if you can’t get them, you should realize that gaining a little is better than surrendering bounty.
  • Nothing gets choked with good character.
  • One whose character is respectable, his sustenance is expanded.
  • One whose characteristics are good, his friendship is charming.
  • One whose character is good, his ways become simple.

Good character qualities

  • One whose character is good, more individuals love him and feel calm with him.
  • Allah, the Glorified, doesn’t give a hireling anything from the good of this world or the Hereafter but since of his good character and his good goal.
  • The best qualification is a good character.
  • The best form of confidence is a delightful character.
  • The shrouded parts of one’s character are revealed by companionship and social connection.
  • Six things are utilized to measure the character of men: their conduct in times of joy and outrage, security and dread, hardship and want.
  • You should receive a good character for this will gain you love of others.
  • In good character, there are fortunes of blessings and sustenance.
  • The sky is the limit with the exception of changing and moving of normal auras of character and personality.
  • What number of a humble individual has been raised by his good character!
  • Whoever doesn’t make his character good, his partner won’t advantage from him.
  • One whose properties are not good, his methods and ways won’t be adulated.
  • There is no partner like a good character.
  • There is no life more fulfilling than one lived with good character.
  • At the point when you find in others a quality which is frightful, at that point keep comparative characteristics from yourself.
  • Verily your regular attitude welcomes you towards that which you know about.
  • In reality, these characteristic manners are unique, and the best of them is the uttermost of them from fiendish.
  • Verily just the miens of the temperate are manners that have the capability of supporting good, so at whatever point they are loaded down with it, they convey it.

Bad company corrupts good character

  • He (‘a) said about the one whom he reprimanded: If he falls wiped out he laments having relinquished the work and in the event that he is solid, he has a sense of safety and postpones the work. At the point when he is called to develop for this world, he works and at the point when he is called to develop for the Hereafter, he is sluggish. On the off chance that he becomes well off, he transforms pompous and falls into a bad habit and on the off chance that he gets poor, he gives up and gets frail. On the off chance that some help is done to him, he is dissatisfied and in the event that he helps out, he protracts it and causes it to appear [an extraordinary kindness and] a commitment. In the event that a detestable deed presents itself to him, he submits it with the reason for looking for atonement [for it later] however when he chooses to apologize, he postpones it and continues erring. On the off chance that he encounters prosperity, he expects that he has atoned. In the event that he is upset, he considers [ill Allah] and questions in him. In the event that he becomes sick, he commits himself and turns contritely to Allah be that as it may, on the off chance that he recovers his well being, he overlooks and returns [to his shrewdness ways] and gets encouraged in his bad form towards the hirelings [of Allah]. When he is secure, he is appealed by the allurements of this world, so he overlooks the from now on and is careless of the Resurrection [on the Day of Judgment].
  • The most exceedingly awful quality is bad form.
  •  An individual’s good ways from a bad habit are [the wellspring of his] generosity.
  • Two characteristics never meet up in the core of a devotee: bad character and stinginess.
  • Bad character is foreboding and culpable a sponsor is evil.
  • Bad character is the most exceedingly awful friend.
  • Bad character estranges the close to one and repulses the far off one.
  • Bad character makes life unpleasant and is a torment for the spirit.
  • Bad character distances the spirit and evacuates pleasantry.
  • A bad habit may degrade [the one who submits it].
  • Each ailment has a fix with the exception of bad character.
  • One whose character is bad torments his [own] soul.
  • One whose character is bad, his [own] family gets tired of him.
  • One who is of bad character is despised by his partner and partner.
  • One who is of bad character needs companions and partners.
  • It is from bad character to be miserly and injurious in requesting your right.
  • Be careful with a mischievous heart, debasement of expectation, setting out on the bad habit also, the trickiness of false yearning.
  • There is no life for the person who has a bad character.
  • There is no depression more regrettable than that which is achieved by bad character.
  • The person who has a bad character is reckless and has an unpleasant life.
  • A bad character is one of the two torments.
  • One who makes his character bad torments his own soul.
  • One whose character is bad, his own family gets tired of him.
  • One whose character is bad, his sustenance is limited.

The good place characters

  • At the point when you find in others a quality which is offensive, at that point keep comparable characteristics from yourself.
  • Avoid parsimony and affectation, for these two are from the most indefensible characteristics.
  • The ascribes that lead to abhorrent is lying, miserliness, shamefulness, and obliviousness.
  • The most noticeably terrible characteristics are contemptibility and fraud.
  • The most noticeably terrible of propensities is lying.
  • One who is impolite naturally, his environmental factors are left.
  • Be careful about joking, playing, over the top kidding, [excessive] giggling, also, vain talks.
  • Be mindful of the cries of pomposity, the predominance of devotion also, the extremism of the period of numbness.
  • The most terrible of ethics is foul play.
  • The most mischievous characteristic is show disdain toward.
  • The most exceedingly awful of ethics is decorating oneself with indecencies.
  • A dispraised character is from the products of numbness.
  • Being near the individuals in their ethics and habits is protection from their perniciousness.
  • There is no good in a character that isn’t embellished with self-control.
  • One who doesn’t insist his past for example the good character of his ancestors with his present for example his own good character, disfavors his antecedent and double-crosses his successor.


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