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full biography hazrat ali
full biography hazrat ali

Greed Quotes:

When people get something they want they become greedy to get more and more and in that case they become selfish. And this is the first step of Ignorance.

What are some examples of greed ?

  1. Greed is a disrespect and a mortification for the person who embraces it.
  2. Greed is the foundation of neediness and the establishment of wickedness.
  3. Greed is one of the two tragedies.
  4. Greed, avarice and parsimony are the consequence of numbness.
  5. Greed doesn’t build sustenance, and instead, it degrades one’s status.
  6. Render retribution on your greed through satisfaction, similarly as you would vindicate your adversary by reprisal.
  7. Be mindful of greed, for its owner is dependent upon mortification and enduring.
  8. Be careful about greed, for it is a disfavor to the religion and the most exceedingly awful buddy.
  9. Verily in greed, there is enduring.

What does the Quran say about greed?

All the saying given below is from hazrat Ali sayings which he learn from Prophet Of God and prophet get it from Allah.

  1. Greed is the riding mount of hardship.
  2. Greed is an indication of poverty.
  3. Greed has culpable outcomes.
  4. Greed is an image of the pitiful.
  5. Greed is [an attribute that leads to] disrespect and enduring.
  6. Greed ruins conviction.
  7. Greed embarrasses and causes wretchedness.
  8. Greed is [a quality that outcomes in] unending misery.
  9. Greed debases generosity.

What does greed do to a person?

  1. Greed prompts numerous defects (or extraordinary sins).
  2. Greed and ravenousness procure wretchedness and mortification.
  3. Greed lessens the status of a man and doesn’t build his sustenance.
  4. Verily you can’t surpass your passing, nor get what isn’t for you, so for what reason do you corrupt yourself O vomited one?!
  5. It is through greed that hardship happens.
  6. The most noticeably terrible partner is greed.
  7. The product of greed is a hardship.
  8. The product of greed is anguish.
  9. Evading greed cuts off avarice and rapacity.

Consequences of greed quotes:

  1. Extreme greed originates from solid avarice and shortcoming of confidence.
  2. Counter greed with satisfaction.
  3. Respecting greed defiles certitude.
  4. It is on uncertainty and absence of trust in Allah that greed and insatiability are based.
  5. The captive of greed is interminably pitiable.
  6. In greed, there is a hardship.
  7. In greed, there is hopelessness and anguish.
  8. Greed has been matched up with hardship.
  9. Greed is a mount that executes its rider.
  10. Lessen your greed and remain satisfied with what has been designated to you of your sustenance, [by this] you will ensure your confidence.

Greed and selfishness

  1. In what capacity can there be help from the languishing of greed over one who has not genuinely trusted in Allah?
  2. An excess of greed makes its owner hopeless and humbles him.
  3. Not every person who looks for finds and not every person who dismisses loses.
  4. One who is greedy gets pathetic and experiences hardship.
  5. One whose greed builds, his status is brought down.
  6. One who dresses with greed becomes neediness stricken.
  7. One whose greed builds, his certitude diminishes.
  8. One who is overwhelmed by greed faces incredible mortification.
  9. Nothing degrades oneself like greed and nothing disfavors ones respect like parsimony.
  10. How much misery is achieved by greed!
  11. One who acts greedily is pathetic and dispraised
  12. Try not to let greed overwhelm your understanding.
  13. There is no [good] well being with ravenousness.
  14. A little greed prompts a great deal of avarice.

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