Faith and trust in Allah


Anyone who wants to live a life that is unexamined and a tension free life so they must increase their faith and belief in Allah so they will face no pain and loss in their lives. 

To establish a strong connection with Allah one must work hard in his faith and increase its devotion to Allah by practicing Islam.


Every human in this world came from the order of Allah and live all his life by fulfilling all the commands that were given by Allah. Each and every Muslim in this world has their unique path, destiny but all of them are full of many obstacles, hardships, and many difficulties and every Muslim has to fulfill all these hardships but increasing their faith on Allah because Allah give all these hardships to his lovely people and he wants to test them that how his person will complete all these hardships and after that Allah will give reward them but all of them is the main thing that Allah always see your faith and trust in him.


Now we will see how can we increase our faith and trust in Allah. Building up trust in Allah is that we will learn new skills. The more we will get to increase our faith in Allah the more we will build our strong connection with Allah (SWT).




The first thing that we can do is that we can build a strong relationship with the Quran. We need to make the Quran as our influencer and should take all lessons and all help from this. If we will make a strong connection with the Quran and will take all help from it so our life will become easier. One should learn Quran from the heart and should also understand it too because understanding the Quran completely with the heart and learning it will help us to increase our faith in Allah.




We must submit our souls to Allah as we are creatures of Allah and we must seek his help. He is the lord of both the worlds.


When every time you commit any sin whether it is a small sin or a big sin you should always repent to Allah and must commit to repent yourselves to Allah and you must commit yourselves to Allah every time.


The best way to repent to Allah is that one must see a place that there is no one and there is complete peace over there because a human will completely attach his heart to Allah. The most appropriate time to find peace and to attach your heart to Allah is the time after the fajr prayer or after the isha prayer so you can repent to Allah.


At first, you will face difficulties but after that, you will be fond of it and will find easy and your heart will become light after repenting yourself to Allah, after doing this practice one can increase his faith in Allah.




When every time you feel empty and you feel that you are all alone and broken but do does not feel alone there is someone who is waiting for you to come to him and seek his mercy and he is one and only ALLAH.


In these moments of sadness and brokenness, we should make our heart reach out to Allah and ask for his help and we must leave all our worries on him, he is the best healer and the best companion for those who had no one to rely on. Just pray and make a dua with the strong connection of your heart and soul to Allah and seek his help and mercy and Allah is the most beneficial and the most merciful he loves his companion more than 70 times and as a mother loves her children.


The main part of that we are facing that our prayers are not getting called by Allah or Allah is not listening to us, the main reason that we just fulfill all the commands of Allah by just thinking that these all are enough. Then we make hope from Allah that Allah will give us but that is not enough for us we should make our heart clean with all the dirt and all the things and after that if we will make a pray to Allah with the clean heart so Allah will listen to us and we will seek his help so we can build our trust in Allah.



Patience is the key to everything that we can achieve if a person is having patience in Allah so he can achieve anything from this. Making trust in Allah is the biggest thing you can make to make your faith in Allah.


Building patience is the best thing you can do to build your trust and faith in Allah. The building of patience is a spiritual journey a one can make when any time a person got hurts so much from anything so in this case, Allah says that one should only work with patience, and Allah also loves those people who work with patience. We should remember one thing that Allah knows us very well then ourselves.




Messenger of Allah Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that if there is a river flowing outside from your home so you will take bath in it five times a day so after it, no dirt will remain on your body, so like this, if you will perform Salah five times a day your sins will be finished off and Allah will wash your sins.


Salah is one of the important pillars of Islam and everyone should necessary to perform it. The main question that will be asked on the Day of Judgment will be of Salah. Salah should be performed on its time and it is very necessary for it.


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