Ignorant Quotes And saying Good reads

ignorant quotes sayings
ignorant quotes sayings

Ignorant Quotes

1. An ignorant person is never seen as anything other than missing the mark or over the top.

2. Neither does an ignorant control himself [from wrongdoing] nor does he profit by a word of wisdom.

3. An ignorant individual is one who complies with his vain wants in defiance to his Master.

4. The ignorant individual feels repugnance towards that which the insightful individual feels calm with.

5. The ignorant individual doesn’t comprehend the educated in light of the fact that he [himself] was never learned.

6. An ignorant individual doesn’t perceive his disappointment and doesn’t acknowledge the [good] exhortation given to him.

7. An ignorant individual depends on his expectations and is careless in his activities.

8. The ignorant individual resembles a stone through which water doesn’t spout forward, and a tree, the parts of which don’t get green, and a ground at which point foliage isn’t found.

9. An ignorant individual is [like the] dead among the living.

10. The most pathetic surprisingly is the ignorant one.

What is an ignorant person

11. An unremorseful miscreant is the most inexperienced individual.

12. The most ignorant individual is one who is hoodwinked by the recognition of a toady who makes the appalling look engaging him and makes him loathe the [sincere] counsel

13. The most despised animal in seeing Allah is the ignorant individual, since He denied him of what He offered on His creation, and that is understanding.

14. Verily the uneducated is one whose numbness leads adrift and whose vain wants tempt [towards evil]; so his discourse is unfortunate, and his activity is reprehensible.

15. The ignorant one is confused.

16. The ignorant individual slopes towards the person who resembles him.

17. Man is a foe of that which he is unaware of.

Can ignorant mean rude?

18. The ignorant one doesn’t control himself [from evil].

19. An ignorant individual is a captive to his interests.

20. The ignorant individual doesn’t cease [from sinning].

21. An ignorant individual looks to raise himself; however, winds up humbling himself.

22. The ignorant individual is one who is ignorant of his ability.

23. An ignorant individual is dead, in any event, when he is alive.

24. The rightness of an ignorant individual resembles the error of an educated individual (for example, it happens seldom).

25. The ignorant individual is tricked by false claims.

26. The ignorant individual is one who is ignorant about his [own] issue.

27. The ignorant individual is one who is misdirected by his vain wants and his egotism.

What is a word for an ignorant person?

28. An ignorant individual is one who takes his genuine counsellor to be a trickster.

29. At the point when the ignorant one gets parsimonious (or denies), he gets [wealth], and when he acquires [wealth] (or pronounces confidence in one God), he apostatizes.

30. In fact, the ignorant individual is one who is oppressed by [worldly] interests.

31. At the point when an ignorant individual develops more seasoned, his obliviousness rises.

32. The abundance of an ignorant individual is in his common belongings and his trusts.

33. The rule of an ignorant individual resembles a more bizarre who [soon] moves to somewhere else.

34. Numerous ignorant individual is spared by his numbness.

35. The slip-ups of an ignorant individual are forgivable.

36. An ignorant lord uncovered his [own] blemishes.

Uneducated or unsophisticated

37. The most exceedingly awful individual you can go with is an ignorant one.

38. The right [action] of an ignorant individual resembles the blunder of a shrewd individual.

39. The lost thing of the ignorant individual can’t be found.

40. Dutifulness to the absurd is an indication of numbness.

41. Dutifulness to the absurd and being over the top [in discourse or action] are two indications of obliviousness.

42. The propensity for the unpracticed [and ignorant] ones is to remove the components of support.

43. The abundance of an ignorant individual is in his common belongings.

44. The ignorant one is misled by purposeless absurdities.

45. Each ignorant individual is inclined to temptation.

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46. For the ignorant, there is misfortune in each circumstance.

47. Ignorant one is dismissed [by others].

48. At the point when one is unconscious, his thought is diminished.

49. One who is ignorant of [a branch of] information is threatening towards it.

50. One who doesn’t have the foggiest idea where he is putting his foot, trips.

51. Ignorant one makes numerous bungles.

52. Ignorant one becomes self-proud, and his ‘today’ is more awful than his ‘yesterday’.

53. It is from the idea of the ignorant to blow up rapidly, in each circumstance.

54. Nobody irritates the scholarly like the ignorant [do].

55. Trouble be to the person who endures in his obliviousness and favoured is the one who acknowledges [his mistake] and finds the correct course.

56. There is no freedom for an ignorant individual.

57. The ignorant one isn’t believed to be anything besides unbalanced (or unreasonable).

58. Nothing limits the silly except the edge of a sword.

59. Resist the ignorant and you will be protected.

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