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ineptness quotes inept person

Ineptness :

what is inept person and ineptness below we discuss in detail about ineptness quotes. If we talk in simple word ineptness is the person not able to do things not skilled man. He waste time and effort to do something because he can not learn that thing properly so he might fail us. And when he knows something about he can not have practice that thing this type of person is called ineptness habit person.

Ineptness quotes

1. Ineptness is contradicting others’ sees and having an ill will with one who is equipped for causing hurt.

ناہلی دوسرے کے نظریے کی مخالفت کرنا ہے اور اس سے دشمنی رکھنا جو اپ کو نقصان دے سکتا ہے

2. Be mindful of ineptness for it disrespects one’s character.

لاپرواہی سے محتاط رہیں کیونکہ یہ کردار کی بدنامی ہے

3. The ugliest thing is ineptness.

بدصورت چیز ناہلی ہے

4. The most noticeably awful thing is ineptness.

سب سے نمایاں طور پر خوفناک چیز نادانی ہے

5. Ineptness is a despicable quality.

لاعلمی ایک حقیر معیار ہے

6. Ineptness is the most noticeably awful quality.

عدم استحکام بدترین معیار ہے

7. How terrible a quality ineptness is!

معیار کی نااہلی کتنی خوفناک ہے

8. The stature of numbness is ineptness.

بے حسی کا قدبے عملی ہے

9. One whose ineptness increments are disdained.

10. What number of a raised individual has been corrupted by the offensiveness of his ineptitude!

ایک نااہل بندے کی وجہ سے کافی لوگ بدنام ہو جاتے ہیں

11. It is from ineptness to make scramble before having capacity and to act gradually in the wake of getting the chance.

قابلیت سے پہلے جلدی کرنا اور موقع ملنے پر دیر کرنا نہ اہل بندے کی نشانی ہے

12. Expanded ineptness is a plague.

توسیع شدہ نااہلی ایک طاعون ہے

13. It is from ineptitude to relinquish an open door when one can take it.

جب دروازے پر نعمت آے تو نہ لینے والا انسان لاپروا ہوتا ہے

14. Ineptness isn’t in anything besides that it discolors it.

15. There is no quality more disreputable than ineptitude.

نا اہلیت سے زیادہ ذلت آمیز کوئی معیار نہیں ہے ۔

16. There is no trait more putting down than ineptitude.

نا اہلیت سے بڑھ کر کوئی صفت نہیں ہے

17. Numerous an individual who increases is actually a failure.

18. The greatest washout from among you is the most unjustifiable from among you.

19. How extraordinary a washout is he for whom there is no offer of reward in the From now on!

How do you spell ineptness?

in ept ness

What is inept person?

inept person is define that he know something but not doing practical. He is notable to do the thing. Some time people force to do what they want but other person is not able he is not highly skilled to do that thing under nice way so people who has no ability to work which is mention is known as inept person.

What is the synonym of inept?

cumbrous, unenviable, feckless, ungainly, ill-chosen, tactless, fumbling, clumsy, inapt, gawky, awkward, bunglesome, cumbersome, bungling, incompetent, unwieldy, embarrassing, clunky, ill at ease(p), uneasy, sticky. Antonyms: felicitous, competent, adroit, feckless.

How do you use inept in a sentence?

Some time research failed due to inept scientist. her inept effort in making good food is bad experience. he is not inept of playing any video game.


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