Jealousy Quotes Why people Hate and Feel jealous

Jealousy quotes envy haters sayings
Jealousy quotes envy haters sayings

jealousy quotes:

1. Jealousy is one of the two torments.
2. Jealousy is the viler of the two evils.
3. Jealousy is a serious infection; it doesn’t end except by the devastation of the envier or the demise of the envied.
4. Jealousy destroys great deeds only like fire devours kindling.
5. Jealousy is a dishonourable blemish and a gross insufficiency; one who has it isn’t restored with the exception of by understanding his expectations about the one whom he begrudges.
6. Be mindful of jealousy, for it demonizes oneself.
7. Be careful about jealousy for it is the most exceedingly awful quality, the ugliest trait and the characteristic of the Devil.
8. Jealousy is unpleasant.
9. Jealousy is the most noticeably awful of sicknesses.
10. Jealousy is the detainment of the spirit.


this is the question people asking a lot its simple just focus on your own work and do what you are doing. The man is feeling jelous will become more as i discuss above jealousy is the main reason of sadness of man so do more successful work in your life to give punishment to people who feel jealousy. Do not think what people are talking about always do what is good for you never hurt anyone by doing wrong only focus on your path you choose.” so here we discuss some main cause and you know some kind of best ever sayings about haters and envy must read this also.


This thing is common in these days. when someone is doing great things then haters gonna hate that, because they do not like people to become success and live happy life. in some case i saw that people who know each other well they have status issue they. their thinking is bad they do not like to someone beats them. If you have knowledge people get jealous from you why he is rising instead of doing work hard and get that position. Jealousy become the factor of sadness its hurt a lot. Hazrat Ali said ” this punishment is enough for jealousy people that you become more successful ” so here we discuss some main cause and you know some kind of best ever sayings about haters and envy must read this also

jealousy meme

11. Jealousy is the head of all defects.
12. Jealousy makes life hopeless.
13. Jealousy thins out (and debilitates) the body.
14. Jealousy dissolves away the body.
15. Jealousy offers ascend to misery.
16. Jealousy is the extraordinary snare of the Devil.
17. Jealousy is an infirmity that can’t be relieved.
18. Jealousy is the habitude of the abominable ones and the adversaries of fortunes.
19. At the point when jealousy between the individual’s downpours, defilement develops.
20. The product of jealousy is wretchedness in this world and the Hereafter.
21. Avoid jealousy, deceptive nature and perniciousness, for without a doubt, these three characteristics disfavor the religion and annihilate the individual who has them.
22. The foundation of all corruptions is jealousy.

quotes about jealousy and envy

23. The reason for sadness is jealousy.
24. The weapon of shame is jealousy.
25. The most noticeably awful thing that can go with an individual is jealousy.
26. Refine your hearts of jealousy, for it is a discouraging enfeebler.
27. Similarly, as rust consumes iron until it makes it squander away, so too does jealousy consume the body until it erodes.
28. Jealousy isn’t from the qualities of the God-watchful.
29. Jealousy towards a companion for the gift he has been invested with] originates from low confidence.
30. Burden be to jealousy, how reasonable it is! It begins with its friend and at that point executes him.
31. Try not to be jealous of one another, for jealousy destroys the confidence like fire expends kindling, and don’t have disdain for each other for this is cutting off for the faith.

Saying About Haters

32. There is no disease like jealousy.
33. Bliss doesn’t keep going for the jealous and the resentful.
34. The jealous one is in every case, sick, and the grumpy person is constantly dishonoured.
35. The jealous one is debilitated continuously, in any event, when his body is sound.
36. The jealous individual is, in every case, sick.
37. The jealous one is rarely restored.
38. The jealous one never gains authority.
39. The jealous one resents predetermination.
40. The jealous one has numerous second thoughts, and his wrongdoings are duplicated.
41. At the point when favors are openly shown, the enviers increment.
42. I am astonished at the lack of regard of the jealous about the strength of their bodies.
43. The jealous one has no kinship.
44. One whose jealousy expands, his downturn gets delayed.
45. How little solace the jealous individual has!
46. On account of the support of Allah upon you, don’t be jealous.
47. There is no solace for the jealous.
48. The jealous individual will never be discovered glad.
49. An adherent is rarely jealous.

inspirational quotes about jealousy

50. No life is more hopeless than the life of the jealous and the angry.
51. The jealous individual is never satisfied with the one whom he is jealous of aside from by his demise or discontinuance of the gift.
52. It is a relief for you that the person who is jealous of you becomes angry when you are upbeat.
53. For the jealous one, there is no companionship.
54. For the jealous one, there is no fix.
55. The jealous individual considers the discontinuance of a gift from the individual whom he begrudges to be a gift upon himself.
56. It is astounding how indiscreet the jealous are of the soundness of the bodies!
57. The jealous individual shows his friendship in his words and conceals his the scorn in his activities; he has the title of a companion and the trait of a foe.
58. The jealous one is content with calamity befalling others and their joy disheartens me.
59. Nothing fixes the jealous one except for discontinuance of the gift.

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