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life hereafter quotes

Quotes OF Hazrat Ali About Life Hereafter

means (Akhrat ) the Everlasting life qoutes After the world is no more :

Life Hereafter Quotes :

O, people! This world is just a passageway, and the life hereafter is the eternal abode, and you should prepare for that eternal place in this pathway.

One who ornaments his everlasting life, his worldly life will also be embellished.

One who yearns for the life hereafter, world yearns for him.

I am amazed by that person who is observing his worldly creation while refuting the secondary creation (real creation of life hereafter) and who is always busy in decorating the mortal life instead of the immortal life ahead.

Never be among those persons who are a seeker of the everlasting life without good deeds under their belt.

You were created for the life hereafter, not for this world.

The bitterness of this world is the sweetness of the life hereafter and joy of this world means hardships in the everlasting life.

Spend all of your physical strengths (hands, feet, brain) for success in this world but prepare for the perpetual life with your heart and right actions.

One who has a staunch belief in the life hereafter will not be immersed in the greed of this world.

The wealthiest of eternal life is the poorest of this world.

Without a doubt today is the day of actions and no accountability and tomorrow (In the life hereafter) will be questioning and no actions.

Without a doubt, you were created for the life hereafter, and you should prepare for it.

The delights of the life hereafter vanish all the hardships and difficulties of this world.

Achieve the perpetual life by avoiding this worldly life, not the other way.

The talk about life hereafter is just like a remedy and medicine for the people.

One who is the seeker of eternal life not only gets what he wants in this world but also in that world.

One who is biased towards the blessing of the eternal life will be contented at the minimum wealth of this world.

One who has as much addition in this world materialistically will have same subtraction from the blessings of the eternal world.

The success of this world is achieved through wealth, while the success of eternal life is gained by good deeds.

Wealth and children are the ornaments of this world, while virtuous deeds are garnish of eternal life.

That person is in the benefit which has sold this world for the blessings of eternal life.

The everlasting life is the real success for the fortunate men.

One who decorates his eternal life Allah (SWT) embellishes his worldly life.

Farsighted is that person who is not fascinated by the charms of this world but keeps on doing good deeds for eternal life.

That person is in such a loss which has no share in the life hereafter.

The pleasant things of eternal life cannot be achieved unless or until the lovely things of this life are not circumvented.


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