New 38 All Time best Inspiring Modesty quotes and Sayings

Modesty quotes
Best ever saying about modesty quotes

what is modesty: 

Be polite with someone give request to someone show some kindness. Speak gentle with manners. The best definition of modesty is when you have power to revenge and you don,t take you show mercy be humble and forgave.

Modesty Quotes

1. Being embarrassed before Allah, the Glorified, shields [one] from the discipline of hellfire.

2. The most unobtrusive among you are the most avoiding among you.

3. The best of strict clothing types is modesty.

4. The best modesty is your being embarrassed before Allah.

5. The best modesty is your being embarrassed about yourself in front of Allah.

6. Verily modesty and virtuousness are from the qualities of confidence, and they are the attributes of the free and the characteristics of the temperate.

7. Modesty is excellent.

8. Modesty is preventive.

9. Disgrace forestalls livelihood.

10. Modesty is the way in to each great.

11. Disgrace is joined by hardship.

12. Modesty is the bringing down of one’s look.

13. Modesty is the flawlessness of respect.

14. Modesty is the accomplice of celibacy.

15. Modesty is an excellent quality.

16. Modesty is a satisfying trademark.

17. Modesty is the flawlessness of respect and the best of attributes.

18. Modesty keeps one from revolting activities.

19. Being embarrassed before Allah destroys a considerable lot of the transgressions that one has committed.

20. Dress yourself with modesty, wear the covering of steadfastness, shield fraternity and diminish your discussions with ladies, if you do all this your greatness will get total.

21. The product of modesty is virtuousness.

22. Three things that are not to be embarrassed about [are]: for an individual to serve his visitor, and for him to stand up from his place for his dad or his educator,what’s more, [for him] to look for the privilege regardless of whether it is close to nothing.

23. The disgrace of individual feels from himself is the product of his confidence.

24. The wellspring of virtue is modesty.

25. Embrace modesty, for it is the image of honorability.

26. The apex of modesty is for a man to feel embarrassed about himself.

27. Disgrace has been combined with hardship.

28. The expanded modesty of an individual is the indication of his confidence.

29. One who is modest is denied.

30. Whoever has no modesty has nothing more than a bad memory in him.

31. One whose modesty is decreased, his devotion is also diminished.

32. Whoever is dressed with the piece of clothing of modesty, his issues are escaped the individuals.

33. One who doesn’t fear confronting the individuals after having been gotten doing evil doesn’t fear Allah, the Glorified.

34. One who isn’t embarrassed about the individuals won’t feel embarrassed in front of Allah, the Glorified.

35. That which isn’t suitable for you to do in the open ought not be done by you in private.

36. The best accomplice of liberality is modesty.

37. The best accomplice of confidence is modesty.

38. There is no good characteristic like modesty.


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