Save All your Hope and Mercy For Allah

Hope only from Allah

Save All your Hope For Allah:

1. Save all your hope for Allah, the Glorified, and don’t have hope [in] anybody other than Him, for without a doubt nobody has hoped in other than Allah, the Lifted up, however, that he has been frustrated.

2. The best burden is the severance of hope.

3. Hope in the mercy of Allah brings more achievement.

4. Verily, in the event that you have hope in Allah, you will accomplish your hopes, yet on the off chance that you have hope in other than Allah then your hopes and desires will be disappointed.

5. Numerous hope prompts hardship.

6. Numerous disappointed hope is realized by a bogus yearning.

7. Be nearer to that which you don’t hope for than [you are to] that which you hope for.

8. For each nonappearance, there is an arrival.

9. On occasion, the removed may approach and the nearby may get far off.

10. At the point when one has hope in you, [then] don’t frustrate his hope.

11. At the point when one isn’t known to have a liberal nature, [then] don’t have hope in him.

Having Hope in Allah The Almighty:

12. Who might have hope in your generosity when you have cut off ties with your close to family members?!

13. Whoever makes Allah, the Glorified, the shelter of his hopes, He will get the job done him in his strict and common undertakings.

14. At the point when one takes himself to be modest, [then] don’t expect [or hope] for any great from him.

15. One who does no underhandedness to other people, [then] anticipate great from him.

16. Try not to have hope [or expectation] with the exception of your Lord.

17. Try not to hope in that which will make you get a reprimand for your hope.

18. Try not to change anything with the hope of getting more than it.

Hope in Allah quotes

19. Never have hope in the kindness of one who causes you to feel obliged, furthermore, don’t depend upon the bonehead and the trickster.

20. By indicating sympathy, [divine] mercy plunges.

21. Being caring to the feeble cuts down [divine] mercy.

22. Demonstrating empathy to one who doesn’t show sympathy [to
others] forestall [divine] mercy, and saving one who doesn’t extra others wrecks the country.

23. I am astounded at the person who hopes for the mercy of one who is above him, in what manner can he not demonstrate sympathy to the person who is beneath him?

24. Cause your heart to feel empathy for all individuals and [show] graciousness towards them, [and] don’t mistreat them or threaten them.

25. The most meriting [showing] mercy among the individuals is the one who is most needing it [himself].

26. The best thing that draws forth mercy is having sympathy for all individuals in your heart.

27. At the point when you are unequipped for aiding the feeble [and needy] then let your sympathy include them.

28. Similarly, as you show mercy, mercy will appear to you.

29. One who shows no mercy will be demonstrated no mercy.

30. One who demonstrates no mercy to the individuals, Allah will retain His mercy from him.

31. One in whose heart there exists no mercy meets less of it (mercy) at the point when he needs it.

32. One who shows mercy is demonstrated mercy.

33. It is by the respectable that mercy appears.

34. Perhaps the surest mean of insight is demonstrating mercy to the oblivious.


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