Planning Quotes To Reach Your Goals In Life Easily

planning quotes

Importance of planning 

planning play important role in our life the people who plans things before doing is the most successful people and the persons who don,t plan think and just want to do the things is almost fail in start so as Hazrat Ali mention in nehjul balagah always think see the things realize them ”think before you speak because when words are out from your tongue then it will never be back again then you are slave of your words” wise man always do the same thing and foolish people speak without thinking and take decision in anger and without knowledge. so here are some good planning quotes.

Planning Quotes

1. Little done with planning is more enduring than a ton finished with inefficiency.

2. The most show indication of plenteous insight is acceptable planning.

3. Planning accompanies thought and thought accompanies examination.

4. Planning is half of the help.

5. Planning before activity spares one from lament.

6. Planning before activity spares one from the mistake.

7. Great planning and avoiding inefficiency are from acceptable governmental issues.

8. Great planning makes little riches develop while awful planning causes extravagant riches to die.

Awful Planning Quotes

9. The reason for ruin is awful planning.

10. Awful planning is the way to destitution.

11. One whose planning is awful, his ruin is hurried.

12. One whose planning is deferred, his annihilation is sped up.

13. One whose panning is awful, his estimation is invalidated.

14. One whose planning is awful, his annihilation is in his planning.

15. There is no insight like planning.

16. There is no advantage in the planning of one who doesn’t comply.

17. Avoid surrender, departure and cutting off of ties with close to family members.

18. It is only here and there that one who turns around and retreats comes back to the front.

19. From the indications of turning in reverse is going with the wretched.

20. From the indications of turning in reverse is thinking sick about the person who gives you a word of wisdom.

21. Turning in reverse is displayed by four things: awful planning, foul lavishness, absence of thought and an excessive number of reasons.

22. The benefits of progressing forward are the negative marks in turning in reverse.

23. One who goes into a position of fiendishness is suspected and blamed.

24. For everybody who enters into a new place, there is horror and perplexity.

25. For everybody who enters there is a feeling of horror, so start with salaam.

26. Everyone who shows up has a feeling of perplexity, so make him alright with kind words.

27. One who doesn’t proceed with his investigation doesn’t secure a profound understanding of his subject.

What is the planning process?

Think multiple time before doing some thing as hazrat Ali said think before you speak. Take advise before to your senior , teachers , parents ,friends. Then decide ask your heart what is right for you and then take action with full effort and seriousness and its all done. When we take wrong decision it gives us experience and experience is a great knowledge. so before planning anything take advise from experience persons.

Why do we plan?

plan your Goals to achieve your best ask your self what is your dream goal planning to help other the best thing is to help other then God It self help You.

What is planning and its function?

planning is something we decide to do and take action on it according we decide to do if we miss something then planning is gone wrong and it will effect our goal which we are planning for. function of planning is think twice ask people take advise then reconsider carefully and in last just take action according to your step you decide with full positive thinking and hard working.

what is good Planning?

good planning is that planning in which the chance of lossing is below 10 percent in other word the full master mind people decide to do something with all the top player in that field and there is no chance of defeat all is going good and great by your side.There is no chance of competition left on that game you are planning to play so this is the best fit example on this.


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