Hazrat Ali Quotes and saying About Death in english

death quotes
death quotes

Hazrat Ali Quotes In English About Death or Demise:

  • A persons death is hidden from him, and his Desire keeps cheating on him.


  • Every person has two Angels with him, and when his time comes, they get detached from him.


  • One who runs after desire’s death will be his ultimate fate.


  • If a person ponders upon his death and demise, then he certainly will detach himself from The cravings of this world.


  • Always remember this that you will never be able to complete your desire and live far beyond your demise.


  • You cannot dominate over your demise and cannot obtain more than your fate.

Quotes Of Hazrat Ali About Death


  • Hasten towards your good deeds and fear from your eventually coming Death.


  • Death is enough for a man’s protection.


  • Every life has a demise.


  • Every Breath man is a step towards his demise.


  • More than their written death, people die from evil deeds.


  • Death defeats a person.


  • Death is a strong fort (Source of Protection).


  • The nearest of the things is demise.


  • The trust of the things is demise.


  • When you somehow fulfill your desires, then also try to reminisce your demise.


  • If you ever clearly think about the nearness of the death, then all the sweetness and the joys of this life will be bitter to you.


  • Death is a disaster for hopes.

Quotes About Death

  • The inefficiency of hopes seems at the time of demise.


  • When the time of death comes, it ruined the desires.


  • everyone has to taste death.


  • The passing time is also a step towards death.


  • There is no shield stronger than the death.


  • When people Asked Mola Ali About Provision and demise, So Imam Ali Answered:
    God has provision for you, and you have the life for Allah which God gives you when God ultimately gives all your things to you ( rizq ) then in return Allah takes back the respite of life from you.


  • Death is the arrow that has come out of the command for its target.


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