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Religion Quotes In Islam

1. Religion is the more noteworthy of the two genealogies.
2. Religion and great habits are a consequence of insight.
3. The establishment of religion is returning trusts to their owners and satisfying promises.
4. Realize that the start of religion is accommodation and its end is earnest dedication.
5. Surely the codes of religion are one and its ways are straight, so the one who tails it shows up at the destination and additions [success], and the one who stands from it wanders and laments.
6. Where are the various ways taking you?
7. Where is the murkiness deceiving you and [how are] the lies misleading you?
8. Where are your brains wandering and your spirits straying [to]? Do you look to substitute realities for untruths and trade truth for lie?
9. The best felicity is [in] the uprightness of religion.
10. Little religion is superior to a lot of common belonging.
11. The most strict surprisingly is one whose strictness isn’t
adulterated by [lustful] want.
12. The best religion is stopping [false] yearnings, and the most noteworthy revere is being genuine in your activity.
13. Verily Allah, the Glorified, awards this world to [both] the one whom He adores and the one whom He doesn’t cherish, yet He concedes religion just to the one whom He adores.
14. Verily Allah, the Most High, doesn’t give the religion but to His
divinely selected individuals and the first class from among His creation.
15. In reality the best religion is adoring for Allah, abhorring for the
purpose of Allah, taking for Allah and giving for Allah, the Glorified.
16. In reality the religion [of Islam] resembles a tree, its underlying foundations are certitude in Allah and its natural products are become friends with for Allah and having ill will for Allah, the Glorified.
17. Verily Allah, the Glorified, has lit up the way of truth and has
explained its ways, so [there is] either unpreventable wretchedness or interminable felicity.
18. Religion shields.
19. Religion magnifies, this world embarrasses.
20. Religion is the way to satisfaction.
21. Religion is light, certitude is satisfaction.
22. Religion is the best interest.
23. Religion is the most grounded column.
24. The Sharī’ah is for training oneself.
25. The Sharī’ah is for the advantage [and reformation] of humanity.
26. Religion is a fortune and information is a guide [to it].
27. Religion is a tree whose roots are accommodation and satisfaction.
28. Religion prevents [one] from the unlawful.
29. Religion isn’t improved aside from by the insight.
30. On the off chance that you cause your religion to follow your common wants, you will have obliterated your religion and your life in this world, and you will be among the washouts in the Hereafter.
31. The product of religion is reliability.
32. The product of religion is solid conviction.
33. Three things are the disrespect of religion: lustfulness, foul play and selling out of trust.
34. Three things are the consolidators of religion: virtue, devotion and humility.
35. Three things are the flawlessness of religion: truthfulness, certitude and satisfaction.
36. The relentlessness of religion is through the quality of conviction.
37. The solidification of religion is in earnestness of activity, stopping false yearnings, doing great to other people and ceasing from monstrous deeds.
38. The excellence of religion is devotion.
39. The greatness of one’s adherence to religion originates from the quality of one’s certitude.
40. Protecting the confidence is the product of awareness and the pinnacle of insight.
41. Defend the religion through the implies of this world and don’t
defend this world through the religion.
42. The best course of religion is devotion.
43. The indication of a hireling’s confidence is his devotion.
44. Safeguard the strict laws, ensure the fringes of the Muslim grounds furthermore, defend your religion and your trust through your fair-mindedness towards yourself and acting legitimately among your subjects.
45. The foundation of religion is obtaining acceptable deeds.
46. The enhancement of religion is insight.
47. The enhancement of religion is persistence and happiness.
48. The reason for devotion is adequacy of confidence.
49. The uprightness of religion is through righteous devotion and certitude.
50. The wellbeing of religion is in segregation from the individuals.
51. The wellbeing of [one’s] religion and common life is in being neighborly with the individuals.
52. Six things are utilized to test the confidence of a man: the quality of his religion, reality of his conviction, the force of his devotion, his defeating vain wants, the lack of his [worldly] tendencies and his being moderate in what he looks for.
53. The apex of religion is tolerance, certitude and battling against
vain wants.
54. There are six basics of confidence: genuineness of conviction, giving counsel and guidance to fellow Muslims, setting up the petition, paying the zakāt  playing out the Hajj pilgrimage and disavowing the delights of this world.
55. The integrity of religion is through devotion.
56. The integrity of religion is through solid conviction.
57. Make religion the fortification of your state and make appreciation the assurance of your gifts, for each express that is encompassed by religion won’t be vanquished and each gift that is ensured by appreciation won’t be removed.
58. Make religion an amazing shield and devotion the groundwork for your demise.
59. An individual’s safeguarding of himself from sin is to the degree of his strictness.
60. Protect your religion through your common life and you will pick up them two, and don’t protect your common life through your religion along these lines losing them two.
61. Defend the confidence through [the life of] this world and it will spare you, and don’t defend [the life of] this world through the confidence in any case it will annihilate you.
62. Favored is he who follows up on the lessons of religion and follows the strides of the Prophets.
63. You should stick to religion, devotion and certitude, for these are the best of ethics and through them the elevated stations are accomplished.
64. One’s strictness is proportionate to his mind.
65. The tallness of religion is confidence and conviction.
66. The tallness of religion is fulfillment with the announcement of Allah.
67. The stature of religion is charging acceptable, disallowing detestable and maintaining the limits of Islamic law.
68. The person who needs religion falls into incredulity and misguidance.
69. This world is the corrupter of religion.
70. The premise of strict law is urging acceptable, denying fiendish and maintaining the limits [of Islamic law].
71. Similarly as a body and its shadow don’t separate, so too religion and achievement don’t separate.
72. For each religion there is a character and the character of confidence is graciousness.
73. One who becomes strict invigorates himself.
74. One who is parsimonious with his religion [and doesn’t surrender it for the purpose of this world] gets lifted up.
75. He who has no religion has no generosity.
76. One who gets learned in religion increments [his prosperity].
77. One whose strictness is sound, his dependability is more grounded.
78. One who undermines his confidence defiles his Hereafter.
79. One who is blessed with religion is invested with the benefit of this world and the Hereafter.
80. One who believes his religion to be valuable, [the hardship of] this world turns out to be simple for him [to bear].
81. One whose confidence is solid is sure about the prize [he will get for his great actions] and is happy with whatever has been declared [for him by Allah].
82. One who has no religion has no salvation.
83. One whose recognition of religion is intensive, his situation in the In the future will be commended.
84. One who is imprudent in his religion turns out to be modest and one who battles with the reality of the situation, is compelled to yield [to it].
85. Whoever accepts the religion of Allah as inactive game and play, Allah, the Celebrated, will place him into the fire forever.
86. One who is careful [and concerned] about this religion is sheltered from devastation.
87. Nothing undermines religion like deserting the maintaining of
Allah’s religion and ignoring the compulsory [actions].
88. The premise of religion is devotion.
89. The premise of religion is restricting vain wants.
90. What a decent partner religion is!
91. Keep your religions pure by vulnerabilities and shield yourselves from circumstances of damaging questions.
92. The structure of religion is [based on] restricting vain wants and
avoiding [the unlawful delights of] this world.
93. The structure of religion is [based on] two characteristics: your fairness towards yourself and supporting your brethren.
94. Guided is the person who puts on the article of clothing of religion.
95. In depicting the religion of Islam [he (‘a) said]: It is the most splendid of all ways, the most clear [and most illuminated] everything being equal; it is a raised
land, [with] an elevated pinnacle.
96. Gatekeeper your religion by looking for help from Allah.
97. Try not to be careless of your religion and energetic for your reality by looking for a greater amount of that which won’t keep going for you and less of that which will keep going for you, for this will lead you to extreme reprimand [in the Hereafter].
98. Religion doesn’t stay safe with ravenousness.
99. Religion doesn’t give up the person who takes asylum in it.
100. The strictness of a man is found by the ideals of his Godwariness furthermore, reality of his devotion.


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