Remedy and Ailment Quotes and Inspiring Saying

Remedy and ailment quotes

Remedy and Ailment Quotes

1. Numerous a remedy achieves an ailment.

2. Numerous an ailment transforms into a remedy.

3. Now and then the remedy is itself an ailment.

4. Now and then the ailment is itself a fix.

5. One whose ailments are many, his fix won’t be known.

6. One who doesn’t bear the harshness of the remedy, his agony continues.

7. There is no remedy for the person who is attached to his ailment.

8. There is no remedy for the person who conceals his ailment from his PCP.

9. I am astonished at the person who knows the remedy of his ailment yet doesn’t look for it, and if he discovers it he doesn’t have any significant bearing it to fix his ailment.

10. For each living thing, there is an ailment.

11. For each infection, there is a remedy.

12. Stroll with your ailment as long as you can.

13. The indications of variation of intensity are the formation of stratagems.

14. One of the indications of variation of intensity is carefulness in shielding issues.

15. The sway of the fair is one of the most advantageous increases.

16. From the markers of rotation of intensity is the reduction of carelessness.

17. Nothing secures domains like equity.

18. The decay and approaching fall of realms is displayed by four things: ignoring the standards and fundamental beliefs of equity and equity, sticking to vanities, the advancement of the evil and downgrade of the high minded.

19. The sway of heels is established on mistreatment and defilement.

20. The sway of the incredible or fair individuals is truly outstanding of bounties.

21. For each domain, there is a period after which it falls.

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