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nehjul balagah quotes sayings
nehjul balagah quotes sayings

Quotes of Hazrat Ali:

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Hazrat Ali Quotes In English

  • stay like a camel baby in temptation and misery who has just finished two years of her age; no one can ride on her back and cannot be milked with her hair.


  • The person who made greed for his purpose humiliated himself, who expressed his concern, took a humiliation, the person who did not control his talks; he did his abundance.


  • The wise people heart is the protector of its secret and Spacious attitude is the spread of love and friendship.


  • Friendship is the means to disperse the defects.
  • Others must dislike the one who likes himself very much.


  • The man is full of surprised to see from the fat ( charbi ) means eyes, and Speak from the piece of flesh  (tonge) and breath from the hole (nose) and listen from bone.


  • Meet the people in such a way if you are no more they will cry for you if you are alive they want to meet you.


  • When you take over the enemy, then proclaim the gratitude of this take over in forgiving them.


  • The result of fear is a failure, and the result of shame is deprived. Getting a good time is excellent opportunities for you.


  • If somebody’s deeds bring down his position, his family can’t raise it.


  • Listen to any compulsion and help those who are in any trouble this is rid of great sins.


  • O son of Adam, when you see Allah blesses you, and you are disobedient to Him, so fear Him


  • The most demeaned among the people is the person who could not achieve anything for himself during his age and the more demanded as compared to the later is the person who lose after accomplishing it.


  • When you have little blessings don’t let them go away before they get to you by disgracing them.


  • The person whose close relatives leave him, will get the others.


  • Every person who is involved in evil do not deserve the wrath.


  • All the matters are submissive to the fate. However, sometimes plans results in death.


  • Related to the saying of Prophet PBUH “Change your old age (through dying your hair) and don’t adopt the resemblance of the Jews”. When you were asked then he said that Prophet PBUH said this for the moment when there were fewer religious people and however the Islam has been prevailed and firmly established so every person has the choice.


  • Related to those people who were with him and refrained from fighting, he said that these people left the right path and did not even assist the “EVIL”
  • The one who blindly follows the hope is knocked out by the death.


  • The lapses of the courteous people should not be bothered.

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