Sleeping Dua a complete Guide for everyone

sleeping dua before bed

Before Sleeping Dua

In Islam there is prayer and Dua for everything like eating dua and many more and way and time to recite and says these thing. We all follow Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H teaching the way he does the things because he teaches us the right manners and right action. So today we discuss about the Sleeping dua. What we say before we go to bed and what we say after we wakeup. All Muslim Believe that these dua prayers helping us from different kind of problems and difficulties and we all have faith on this. Because if we see the Quran it is a miracle every word is magical there is no doubt on it even the science also use Quran for their research.
There are many sleeping dua’s every Imam recite in different ways because prophet teach us many so every prayer has its own benefit it’s up to you which you choose and like to say before sleeping.

Sleeping Dua from Imam Baqar

If someone is sleeping with his right hand below his head then he must say this dua.

hand down in sleeping dua
sleeping dua when your hand is down of your dead

There is another tradition that must be prayed at bedtime do not leave this dua because this is the prayer which the Prophet prayed for Hasnain. (Hassan o Husain).

hassan and hussain sleeping dua
hassan and hussain sleeping dua

And recite Surah Waqiyah from quran if you do this your face will be bright on the Day of Judgment.

Imam Jafar Sadiq Sleeping Dua :

Recite Surah Al-Ikhlas [112] and Surah Kafiroon (qul ya ayyuhal kafirun) . Both of these prayers have their own significance. One is the expression of humiliation from the disbelievers and the other is the acceptance of oneness of God

surah ikhlas for sleeping dua    Surah-Kafiroon for sleeping dua

One other saying of Imam jafar sadiq is if we recite 3 times before going to bed then our sins removes by God like a newborn baby  who have nothing to care about sins he is pure. And one tradition says we must recite Ayat ul kursi before sleeping it’s preventing us from stroke.

Another occasion has been revealed by imam Sadiq he says I heard from my grand Father from Prophet Muhammad if we say Soraye Yaseen before going to sleep then God send thousand Angels who care for the person who recite this dua before sleeping and save him from problems created by the evil persons.

Sleeping dua for kids:

Hazrat Ali said if you recite this dua before going to sleep No worm will bite you while you sleep at night.

sleeping dua for safe from worm bite
sleeping dua for safe from worm bite

Whoever prays this dua before sleeping will not be buried under the house

dua before sleeping safe from buried under house
dua before sleeping safe from buried under house

Recite four popular dua before sleeping ayat ul kursi , surah ikhlas, surah falaq , surah naas say Laila Ha ilallah 100 times rasool said wo recite this hundred time Allah made a house in paradise for him. And who say Astagfar who pray for himself his sins will fall away like fire consumes wood.


Benefits of sleeping Dua

  • Sins falls
  • No harm from worms while sleeping
  • Always in protection Of Allah
  • No bad dreams
  • High Rewards in Paradise
  • Prevent you from stroke
  • No fear of Buried under house while sleeping


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