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Sustenance Quotes

1. Make sustenance descend by [giving] good cause.

2. Verily Allah, the Glorified, abhorrences to put the sustenance of his accepting hirelings except [in places] from where they wouldn’t dare hoping anymore.

3. Help descends from Allah to the degree of the arrangements [that are required for sustenance].

4. Your sustenance is looking for you, so extra yourself the difficulty of looking for it.

5. He who looks for sustenance from the evil has acknowledged hardship.

6. The sustenance of each individual is destined similarly as the finish of his life is foreordained.

7. The sustenance of an individual is proportionate to his aim.

8. That which has been declared for you will come to you, so relax in your winning.

9. Every one of you are the dependants of Allah, and Allah, the Glorified, takes care of His dependants.

10. For each sustenance there is a methods, so be moderate in your looking for [it].

11. No [other] searcher will ever overwhelm you in [acquiring] your

Quotes about Sustenance:

12. No one will ever defeated you in understanding what has been proclaimed for you.

13. That which has been allotted for you will never get away from you so be moderate in what you look for.

14. That sustenance which has been declared for a spirit will not get away from it.

15. If sustenance was gave dependent on comprehension and astuteness, the creatures and stupid ones would not live.

16. One who is too worried about his following day’s sustenance will never be effective.

17. One of the most wonderful favors is plenteous sustenance.

18. What a decent gift plentiful sustenance is!

19. Try not to let looking for that which is ensured for you be more essential to you than the activity which has been made mandatory upon you to perform.

20. Try not to let the concern of the day which has not happened upon you bear on the day which has [already] happened upon you, for in fact if it will be from your lifetime, [then] Allah, the Glorified, will allow your sustenance in it what’s more, on the off chance that it isn’t from your lifetime, at that point what stress do you have for that which isn’t for you?!

22. Nobody can retain sustenance or to give it but the Sustained.

23. Your sustenance looks for you with more power than you look for it, so be moderate in what you look for.

Islamic Sustenance quotes :

24. Be moderate in what you look for, for what number of ravenous individuals have been baffled and what number of who are moderate have not been ineffective!

25. Sustenance looks for the person who doesn’t look for it.

26. Sustenance isn’t procured by ravenousness or by being looked for after.

27. In reality I will finish my sustenance, and battle with my lower self and will end with my allotted partition.

28. Verily you will secure your offer – your sustenance is ensured furthermore, that which has been declared for you will be satisfied, so extra yourself the difficulty of the wretchedness of voracity and the mortification of looking for from others; trust in Allah and relax in your winning.

29. Be fulfilled and you will be loose.

30. Be happy with that which has been allocated for you and you will be a true adherent.

31. Be happy with the sustenance that has been allocated for you what’s more, you will carry on with an existence of success.

32. The sustenance has been allocated; the ravenous has been denied of what he looks for past his share.

33. One who looks for more [than what has been allocated for him], falls into misfortune.

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Is sustenance a real word?

yes this is real word its mean provisions rizq That muslim asked for Allah Come from sustains

What is the synonym of sustenance

There are more then 30 plus words but i mention some famous one like nourishment, food, diet, nutrtion, fare, nutriment, daily bread

How do you use sustenance in a sentence?

The denied may also be conceded sustenance. Neither you surpass your demise nor will you get the sustenance that isn’t decreed for you, so for what reason are you making yourself hopeless O vomited one

What is the difference between sustenance and subsistence?

Subsistence is the state or fact of subsisting. Sustenance is the means of sustaining life


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