Truth quotes Why is it important to tell the truth

Truth quotes About Life
Truth quotes About Life

what is truth?

Truth is a sharp sword. Truth is the ideal way.  Truth is the most grounded supporter. Truth is the clearest course. The truth is worthier of being pursued. Helping each other to build up the truth is a sign of reliability and confidence.

Truth quotes about life:

7. Truth is a sword to fight against the devotees of deception.

8. Truth is an asylum for each laborer (and contention for each speaker).

9. Through truth, the candidate gets support.

10. It is by getting some distance from the truth that misguidance comes to fruition.

11. By sticking to the truth, support is gotten.

12. There are truth and deception, and every one its supporters.

13. The truth that damages is superior to lie that brings satisfaction.

14. Dive into hardships to arrive at the truth any place it might be.

15. May Allah show kindness toward the individual who bolsters truth when he sees it, repulses foul play when he sees it and helps his friend by the truth.

16. May Allah show benevolence of the individual who breathes life into the truth, causes misrepresentation to bite the dust, battles against persecution and builds up equity.

17. The pinnacle of insight is sticking to the truth and complying with the person who represents the truth.

Telling the truth quotes

18. Looking for help to build up the truth is a sign of confidence and uprightness.

19. Stick to the things that require the establishment of truth and be careful with the things that transpose falsities to cause them to appear true.

20. Your arrival to the truth is superior to your enduring in misrepresentation.

21. Your coming back to the truth, regardless of whether you get depleted, is superior to your solace while sticking to lie.

22. In holding fast to the truth, there is flourishing.

23. Forsake the person who has surrendered the truth for other than it, and leave him and that which he has favored for himself.

24. Little truth repulses a lot of deception, similarly as a little fire consumes a great deal of kindling.

25. Talk the truth, and you will profit; don’t articulate lie and you will be sheltered.

26. For truth, there is steadiness.

27. Leave your asylum alone the truth, for verily fact is the most grounded supporter.

28. One who doesn’t follow up on the truth will never achieve salvation.

29. One who follows up on the truth, gains [from it].

30. One who follows up on the truth, benefits.

Quotes about truth and lies:

31. One who follows up on the truth is spared.

32. One who follows up on the truth gets effective.

33. One who battles against the truth is tossed down.

34. One who talks truthfully is accepted.

35. One who attempts to win against the truth is overwhelmed [by it].

36. One who fights against the truth is demolished.

37. One who restricts the truth is slaughtered (or tossed somewhere around) it.

38. One who contradicts the truth is seized by frailty.

39. One who contradicts the truth has accepted Allah as his enemy.

40. One who isn’t spared by the truth is obliterated by misrepresentation.

41. One who violates the truth, his way gets limited.

42. One who looks for respect through the truth will be regarded by the truth.

43. One who shows his face [in opposition] to the truth is annihilated.

44. One who accepts the truth as his reins, the individuals will take him to be their pioneer.

speak the truth quotes

45. Whoever follows up on the truth, the creation slant towards him.

46. One who feels embarrassed about talking the truth is actually a numb-skull.

47. One who battles to set up the truth is conceded achievement by Allah.

48. One who strays from the truth, his end is dispraised.

49. Whoever gives up to the truth and pursues the legitimate leader is considered to be among the honourable.

50. Whoever makes the truth his objective, troublesome things are made simple for him, and inaccessible things are brought closer to him.

51. Whoever debilitates the truth and spurns it is demolished by misrepresentation furthermore, slaughtered by it.

52. One whose objective is the truth will accomplish it, regardless of whether he is dubious.

53. Whoever restricts the truth, it slaughters him, and whoever attempts to overwhelm it, it embarrasses him.

54. Whoever helps the truth, benefits.

55. How various are the individuals who admit to the truth however, don’t tail it!

How do I tell the truth quotes?

Truth speakes itself only you have to choose the write side when you have courage to justify the things you always speak truth you never stand with lie. If you have fear about life hereafter then you always side with the right one. If you see something wrong and there is fight because of some kind of miss understanding then always play a role and speak the truth no matter what the cost is.

Why is it important to tell the truth?

Because its safe the man who is on right side its save us from doing wrong and unjustified with some one. If you speak lie so there is 100% chance that you are doing wrong with the right person and taking side of the wrong doing person which will effect the life of good one and God will never forgave you. Always fight for the truth even you lose the battle.

Who said the truth hurts?

Henry Rollins said this, some time it does not hurt but sometime its hurts a lot but this is temperory hurt but if you lie to save your self from that hurt then one day you will be definetly hurt for this doing and regret it.

Why do we lie quotes?

because we are seeing some of our benefits thats why we lie quotes. But we are not doing great things to lie our self and other. If we do not lie for our advantages then believe me we are avoiding the big lose which we face after lie. So always speak truth it will benefits you always no matter its take some time to give rewards.

Is it true that the truth always comes out?

yes, it is true that truth always come out one day you can never hide your sins or lie forever. God gives person a chance two or three times to avoid bad doings but when the person is doing the same action again and again God will reveal his bad doings and sins for Public so he may be disgrace. So keep in mind truth always come to light.

Quotes about truth:

56. One who battles with the truth is crushed.

57. How great a guiding truth is!

58. Try not to keep away from exhibiting the truth when you discover the individuals who are deserving of it.

59. Let nothing make you feel calm yet the truth and let nothing make you uneasy except deception.

60. Let not your consideration towards the privileges of an individual [who is near you] keep you from building up equity against him.

61. Lie and truth don’t go together.

62. None shows restraint despite truth with the exception of the reasonable and wise one.

63. There is no delivery person more passing on than the truth.

64. There is no consultant more true than the truth.

65. There is no partner who is dearer than the truth.

66. One who takes the help of truth isn’t crushed.

67. One who contends by truth isn’t vanquished.

68. One who lifts himself by truth isn’t overwhelmed (or dishonored).

69. None shows restraint toward the truth with the exception of the person who knows its legitimacy.

70. A man can’t be blamed for taking his right; rather, he must be scolded for taking what isn’t rightfully his.

71. A little truth repulses a lot of misrepresentation.

72. About the ones who didn’t take an interest in the battle: They spurned the truth and didn’t help the deception.

Quotes on truth and honesty:

73. The truth is lit up and liberated from bias and false reverence.

74. Follow up on the truth regardless of whether it is against your wants and don’t sell your from now on for this world.

75. Stick to the truth, and it will assume you to the position of the adherents of truth, on the day when judgment won’t be made aside from with truth.

76. Stick to the truth and salvation will stick to you.

77. Perceive the privilege of the person who knows your right, [be he] youthful or on the other hand old, substandard or prevalent.

78. Surely, one who isn’t profited by the truth is hurt by misrepresentation,

also, one who isn’t sorted out by direction is hauled somewhere near misguidance.

79. The greatest failure is one who can talk the truth yet at the same time does not talk about it.

80. The best of creation are the individuals who judge more with truth, and the generally adored among them in seeing Allah are the individuals who are more truthful in discourse.

81. One who is defeated [while he is] on the right, is triumphant.

82. One who takes up arms against the truth is demolished.

83. Talking the truth is superior to unintelligibility and quiet.

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