Top 40 Vices quotes to better understand the meanings

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Vices quotes

1. Vices are an illness, and its cure is looking for absolution, and its fix isn’t rehashing the vices.

2. Messing with a transgression is more terrible than submitting the wrongdoing.

3. Surrendering sin is troublesome, however, surrendering Paradise is [going to be] more troublesome.

4. Things come to us that appear to be a lot of when we store up them however which we consider being less when we separate them.

5. Be cautious about the transgressions that lead you to predicament the vices that bring the fury of Allah.

6. Cease from profaning of the sacrosanct, for this is the training of the evil and the individuals of degeneracy and vice.

7. Cease from industriousness [in submitting vices] for it is without a doubt the gravest of incredible sins and the most exceedingly terrible of offenses.

8. Cease from uncovering [you’re] sins, for this is one of the most exceedingly terrible of offenses.

9. Cease from vices, for the person who sells the interminable Paradise for an abhorrent sin from the wrongdoings of this world is vomited.

10. Try not to trifle with the submitting of vices, for verily it will cover you with mortification right now procure you the fury of Allah in the From this point forward.

11. Verily bad behaviors are like wild ponies that convey their riders on their backs while their harnesses have been misled, so they take them straight into the fire of damnation.

12. The best wrongdoing is prescribing the horrendous.

13. The most exceedingly awful offense is declining to acknowledge a valid reason.

14. The most exceedingly awful of sins in seeing Allah is the wrongdoing whereupon its practitioner endures.

15. The gravest of sins in seeing Allah, the Glorified, is the wrongdoing that is trifled with by the person who submits it.

We all have our vices quote

16. The vice that brings the speediest requital is mistreating the one who doesn’t abuse you.

17. The most contemptible of sins is cutting off ties with close to family members and scandalous with one’s parents.

18. The gravest of sins is the transgression whereupon the heathen continues.

19. Verily the vice with the most noticeably terrible of results is blunder and misguidance.

20. Verily Allah, the Glorified, despises the person who is ill-bred and striking in submitting sins.

21. To be the sure one who defies Allah is the foe of Muhammad (s), even on the off chance that he is the closest of his family members.

22. Verily the forgiveness appeared by Allah, the Highest, despite you’re demonstrations of defiance has made you strong and has driven you to do things that will crush yourself.

23. Diligence in sinning is the act of the debased.

24. Diligence in sinning drives one to hellfire.

What are your vices

25. The person who straightforwardly announces his wrongdoing is a promoter of his defiance to Allah.

26. Defiance to Allah is the carelessness of the horrible or the frail.

27. Sin keeps one’s supplication from being replied.

28. Tirelessness in sinning is the most exceedingly terrible of thoughts.

29. Tirelessness in sinning is the gravest of sins.

30. Tirelessness in sinning is the attribute of the damned.

31. Revenge is the product of offenses.

32. Tirelessness in sinning brings divine fierceness.

33. Noncompliance to Allah brings retaliation.

34. Coming back to sin and rehashing it is tirelessness in sinning.

35. Tirelessness in sinning is the gravest sin and the snappiest in bringing revenge.

36. Avoiding vices is more significant and better than procuring great deeds.

37. On the off chance that you should be unadulterated, at that point purge yourselves from vices of the hearts.

38. On the off chance that you should, be perfect, at that point clean yourselves from the foulness of defects and vices.

39. If you cleanse yourselves from vices, Allah will cherish you.

40. Verily if you avoid vices, you will achieve raised positions.


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