Why Muslim Don’t Eat Pork According To Islam

why do muslim not eat pork


Islam is the most divine religion of the world; Islam is the second-largest religion of the world with 1.8 billion followers or we can say that 24.1% population of the world. Muslims have a firm belief that Islam is the most beneficial and the most merciful religion of all time, the Quran is the final book that is revealed to Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and it is the final revelation of a book from Allah.


Islam guides us about each and everything that which thing is good or bad for us, Islam has prohibited many things for Muslims as they can be harmful to our health or can be a danger for us just like wine, wine can harm our internal body system and it can badly affect our liver, drugs are also prohibited in Islam.

There are many examples of these things which are prohibited on us, there were some reasons for them and modern science is now verifying them in this era that all these things which are prohibited in Islam are too correct.

what religion doesn’t eat pork

One the thing that is also prohibited in Islam is the Pork, so according to our cultural values we don’t want to see the pig as it is one of the stinky and filthiest animals on earth as it lives on mud, faces dirt and also lives on his waste materials also. It is the best scrounger that is produced by the GOD, that in those places where there are no toilets so people do washrooms in the open air and in these areas the pig often go and clear all the waste products by eating them, these are also one of the main problems that are why it has been prohibited in Islam.

The prohibition of pork in Islam can be found in the Quranic Verses also so how can Muslims eat when it is rejected to them from Quran.

Do muslims eat pork:

Islam is the religion that was revealed to all the messengers of Allah but with the same message from Allah. The last book of Allah Quran has told us all the secrets of life and if we are in any difficulties so we can take guidance from that book also, it is the only book that is still in its original condition and it hasn’t changed up to the time but some books of that were revealed in past had been changed just like The Bible.

According to the Bible, the consumption of pork is also prohibited, in the Book of Leviticus:

The prohibition of Pork can also be found in the Bible book of Deuteronomy:


The nature of pork is that they are very unhygienic animal as they live and eat in mud and also on their waste.

But in many developed countries, they are living in a hygienic place and them usually grow their bread over there but still many pigs stay with each other and have a high chance to spread the virus.


There is much research according to the consumption of pork meat, that if any human consumes a flesh of swine so they can be affected badly with different viruses just like roundworm, pin worm, and hookworm. One of the most dangerous viruses that a human will get after eating the swine flesh is the pork tapeworm. It will affect the intestine of the human body and this worm is too long. The eggs of this virus transfer to the whole body and after that, it will transfer along with the body, if those eggs transfer to your brain then it may lose you the memory loss.

If this transfer to the heart then it may cause to the heart attack if it goes to liver so it will damage the liver or when it reaches the eye it may cause eye blindness. In the whole, we can say that it will affect the whole body and it may cause death.

That’s why Islam has prohibited the flesh of pork in Islam, thus Islam is a blessing for all of us.

Some of us will now argue that if we will cook the flesh at high temperature then the bacteria will finish, It’s also a misconception but this is also wrong, the research that was undertaken in America has researched that those people who were suffering from TrichuraTichurasis (a virus commonly found in the pork meat), they had cooked the pork meat very well but they got suffered from this virus also.

This shows that even if you cook the flesh of pork on high temperature or on a low temperature the bacteria in this will not get killed.

Swine has a very few muscle-building abilities so it contains the excess of fat so when anytime a human will eat the meat of this animal so it may cause the heart attack or can cause hypertension.


Islam has always preached us to choose anything that is halal for us.

Quran has prohibited the flesh of Pork in four different verses, they are Surah Al Baqrah Verse 173, Surah Al Maida Verse 73, Surah Al Anman Verse 145, and Surah UlAnNahl 16:115

Being a Muslim a Muslim can not go against any rules or instructions that are clearly written in the Holy Book of Allah.

Islam has also rejected this flesh to eat thus it is being also scientifically proven now in this era, but when there is no food and we had to feed our stomach so in that case the flesh is allowed but in severe conditions, it has been allowed though it has been strictly prohibited.

Though the sign for corruption is also determined with the swine so in Islam the corruption and the flesh of pork is strictly permitted so it is the responsibility of Muslims do not consume the pork meat and because it has been strictly permitted in Islamic values and in our culture also.


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