Why do Muslim women Cover their hairs and Wear hijab

Muslim women hijab wear

Why Muslim women do cover their hairs

Muslim women cover her hair is not only her own choice but its mentioned in so many places in QURAN that Muslim women should cover her head and don’t reveal her beauty in front of any men (na mahram) in the account of its support one of the best example is “if there is a wraps candy so it can be protected by all impurities like dust n flies but In other hand unwrapped candy can be affected by every kind of impurities “

It’s an obligation for Muslim women by Allah to prevent herself from the eye of any na mahram (the man who don’t have any family relationships with her) but also ALLAH wants to give her a shield in form of hijab which can protect her from any eye of bad intention as we all know that Islam gives very much respect and care to women and in the eye of Islam women are just like a flower which have to b protected from bad eyes and bad intentions

Why do Muslim women cover their face:

A man of any society did not let women free from his bad deeds and at its minimum bad which men can do is hurt women from his eyes full of lust, and HIJAB for sure gives women a protected shield from ALLAH WHICH CAN PREVENT HER FROM every kind of eyes like that Women hijab can

Another reason to have a hijab and coving head is to hide women’s beauty from other men so the sociality can be safe from so many bad deeds and bad intentions.

As we discussed it before that Islam treats women as a flower or you can say a very delicate creature so that why Islam wants to safe women under the shelter of hijab, for an instant when where u got some expensive mobile or anything u brought which u can protect by any cover or in case of cell phones u protect them by placing screen cover n phone cover main reason is to protect them not to harm or insult them. That’s why Muslim women never take her hijab as an insult but she takes it as pride which ALLAH ordered her for sake of her safety and pride

Religious head coverings QURAN VERSES WEAR HIJAB

Muslim women are not only prohibited to reveal her beauty to other men but also guided by the Quran in so many places that how u can hide your self.

According to Quran verse mention term of HIJAB For WOMEN in so many places, one is “o you believers, never enter in the prophet house until u get permitted to …and when you have to ask something to his wives ask them with separation or when they are in hijab


Allah says…. tell the believer (women)to draw their scarf over their chest [quran 24:31] it’s mean that women not only just cover her head but also she should cover herself in the specific manner that could cover her beauty completely

khmer used for a head scarf for women in Quran

This word khimar is quite similar as a word hat because both these thing are used to cover one’s head .as we all know that Quran has got a complete knowledge of everything so if we want to take instruction to get a perfect hijab from Quran it’s beneficial for believers (women)

Khmer or headscarf as a women pride

Generally, women with covered head look more honorable than the lady without wearing a scarf or cover her because she is not willing to expose her in front of everyone and that’s a decent gesture of hiding herself and making her so confident that her personality is that powerful that after hiding her beauty she can look more decent than anyone that why she always takes her hijab as pride

Social benefits of hijab or covering head

As Muslim always wants to spend his life in the worship of ALLAH, so by following all instruction given by ALLAH IS a part of Muslim EMMAN

LIKEWISE ANY OTHER instruction Muslim should follow this instruction to take notice about his or her dressing and appearance in public .because this is a very important part of Muslim EMMAN to hide his or her private part which is mention in Quran n AH HADIS 

Like any other dressing obligations hijab for women is the most important and covering head is its base

If we figure out the benefits of wearing hijab so along with so many other benefits we found it out that socially this is also very much effective and good

Protect from bad intentions n harassment:

Women who wear scarf or hijab is less attractive to the men with lustful eyes and bad intention than the women who walks openly .hijab is just like a limitation mark for anyone who tries to see a woman with lustful eyes that she is not willing to show herself to u easily so u should stay in such limits that she portrayed by her dressing n hijab

Hijab is a sign of purity

As an indication of purity hijabi women looks so pure and so protected n safe to face the world full of evils

Hijab limits show off 

When women wear hijab by itself become her jewel so she no longer has to wear n show off her expensive jewelers and by doing this she has not been a part of making other women complex who can’t afford that jewel and likewise, if she can’t able to afford all these so by wearing her hijab she doesn’t need it

Hygienic reasons: 

By wearing a scarf or cover head women can save herself from dust n dirt and this can maintain good hygiene. And if we make our study waste so we can get to know that lots and lots of diseases could be handled only by covering our head.

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