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1. This world is neither clean for any consumer to drink from nor is it faithful to any proprietor.

2. This world is loaded up with tribulations and hit with catastrophes and disasters.

3. This world is transitory and dying; even on the off chance that it stays for you, you won’t stay for it.

4. This world is littler, more humble and more unimportant than for one to keep feelings of spite in and because of it.

5. This world is a jail for the adherent, demise is his blessing and Paradise is his permanent dwelling place.

6. This world is a Paradise for the skeptic, demise is his dispatcher and hellfire is his [permanent] staying.

7. This world is an arrangement of the one who has been duped and human being is duped by it.

8. On the off chance that this world unfurls, it opens up and when it scatters, it leaves.

9. This world alternates, so be moderate in looking for it, and show restraint until your go comes to you.

10. This world is a present contribution, [both] the idealistic and the horrendous participate in it, yet the Hereafter is the Abode of Truth wherein a wise and incredible lord rules.

11. This world is like the shadow of mists and the fantasy that is seen while sleeping.

12. Dependence on this world, despite what is seen of its changes, is obliviousness.

13. This world is brimming with setbacks. It harasses with fiascos and afflictions.

14. The states of this world depend on the show through the states of the Hereafter depend on merit.

15. This world is [made up of] anguishing hardships, agonizing passings and sharp exercises (or exceptional changes).

16. This world is a snare for the spirits and settling spot of each impediment what’s more, wretchedness.

17. This world is a frustrating trickiness, an evaporating hallucination, and a twisted column.

18. The hours of this world, regardless of whether they draw out, are short; and its delights, regardless of whether they are many, are not many [when contrasted with the Hereafter].

19. One who wants it (this world), it inconveniences him and makes him vomited.

20. The champ is one who sells his world for his Hereafter.

21. Put all your exertion and try in picking up salvation from the spot of wretchedness and discipline and liberation from the spot of tribulation and rebuke.

22. Reject this world as a dispraised thing, for it has dismissed one who cherishes it more enthusiastically than you.

23. Expel [the love of] this world from your souls before your bodies [are made to] leave it, for in it you are tried and for other than it have you been made.

24. Gravitate toward the one to whom this world has yielded [itself], for to be sure he is progressively deserving of thriving [than the person who follows this world furthermore, its allure].

25. Escape from this world and occupy your hearts from it, for it is the jail of an adherent – a lot of it is close to nothing and his psyche is sickened by it and his sight is dulled in it.

26. Take a gander at this world as the individuals who are uninterested in it would take a gander at it, having occupied themselves from it, for it will, by Allah, in no time turn out
its occupants and cause pain to the person who is living in extravagance and the one who has a sense of security.

27. Be careful about the double-dealing of this world, for it generally reclaims that which it overwhelms with from its charms and drives away the person who feels at ease and is settled in it.

28. Reject this world which will shortly surrender you regardless of whether you don’t like to leave it, and which will make your bodies [grow] old regardless of whether you might want to have them revived.

29. Be careful of the evaporating alluring and the dying darling.

30. Be careful of this world, for it is the net of the villain and the place of the debasement of confidence.

31. Avoid love of this world, for it is the foundation of each wrongdoing, what’s more, the wellspring of each distress.

32. Be cautious that demise doesn’t plunge upon you while you are a criminal who has run away from Allah in your looking for the joys of this world.

33. Be careful with selling your offer from your Lord and your position with Him for the useless vanities of this world.

34. Try not to be beguiled by this world, for it brings you wretchedness furthermore, tribulation and induces you to sell the interminable for the transient.

35. Be careful with letting your [lower] self overpower you in that which it presumes [of this world] while you don’t defeat it in that which you are certain [of the Hereafter], for this is from the gravest of indecencies.

36. Try not to be tricked by what you see the individuals of this world slanted towards and what they surge insatiably after, for Allah has educated you about it and has uncovered its shortcomings and shades of malice for you.

37. Try not to let this world show signs of improvement of you, for its presence is unpleasant and its future is distressful.

38. Verily this world is a residence nobody stays safe except by disavowing its joys and none is spared from it by anything that is a piece of it.

39. Is there no freeman who might spurn this leftover for the individuals who merit it?

40. Verily this world has passed and is very nearly expiry; its great has been evaded, its curiosity has gotten old and its fat has gotten lean.

41. Without a doubt, what must one who has been made for the Hereafter do with this world? What’s more, what would one be able to do with riches when it will be taken away from him in no time while its responsibility and outcomes remain with him?

42. Verily today is the ideal opportunity for arrangement and tomorrow is the race; the prize is Paradise and [at] the [other] extraordinary is hellfire.

43. Verily that which was progressing towards this world has turned around from it, and that which had turned around has progressed towards it, and the honorable hirelings of Allah have chosen to withdraw and have sold the little of this world that doesn’t keep going for the plenitude of the Hereafter that doesn’t die.

44. Do you not see the individuals of this world spending the nighttime and mornings in various states? The dead being grieved and the living being mourned, the unfortunate casualty being burdened and the guest visiting him [to get some information about
his condition], and another who is yielding himself; and the person who is looking for this world while demise looks for him; and the person who is thoughtless yet not disregarded; and the individuals who stay behind keep on following the strides of the individuals who went before them.

45. The gravest of mistakes is cherishing this world.

46. The gravest of distresses and wretchedness is caused by fixation with this world.

47. The individuals of this world are the objective of cataclysms, the dispersal of distresses and the riches of afflictions.

48. The most well suited surprisingly is one who surrenders the dying joys [of this world] for the enduring delights of the Hereafter.

49. The most joyful surprisingly with this world is the person who relinquishes it, what’s more, the most joyful of them with the Hereafter is the person who works for it.

50. Verily the inside of this world is dead and its outside is sick.

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51. Verily today there is activity without bookkeeping and tomorrow [in the Hereafter] there is bookkeeping without activity.

52. Verily the earnestness of this world is a joke, its respect is disrespect and its tallness is lowliness.

53. Verily this world is the home difficulties, plague, end, and change; its delights don’t approach its disappointments, its fortunes don’t liken to its incidents and its risings don’t substitute its breakdown.

55. Verily this world is passing you by in its typical design, and you are associated with the Hereafter.

56. Verily this world is the corruptor of confidence and the dispossessor of certitude; it is the wellspring of [all] inconveniences and base of tribulations.

57. For sure the comparability of this world and the Hereafter resembles a man who has two spouses when he satisfies one of them he maddens the other.

58. Verily the one whom this world has misdirected through unfeasible desires and cheated with bogus expectations is made to lose his visual perception and get secured by visual deficiency, and it cuts him off from the Hereafter and makes him go into spots of obliteration.

59. Verily Allah, the Glorified, has a blessed messenger who gets out each day: “O individuals of the world, multiply for death, build for annihilation and accumulate up for takeoff!”

60. Verily the individuals who are satisfied with this world tomorrow are the ones who flee from it today.

61. Verily the person who is more possessive of this world than of the In the future and is more overpowered by the undertakings of this world than those of the following, has sold the everlasting for the transient and has traded the unceasing for the transient; he has devastated his spirit and has acknowledged for it the dying and fleeting while at the same time making it go amiss from the make way of guidance.

62. Verily this world is the habitation torment, obliteration, changes and exercises, and the spot of hardships.

63. Verily this world is the habitation difficulties, one who is hurried in it and kicks the bucket earlier endures the desolation of death himself, and one who is conceded break in it endures the agony of losing of his friends and family.

64. Verily this world has turned around and reported its takeoff, and without a doubt, the Hereafter has progressed and is going to develop.

65. Verily this world is rearranged [and] turned around, its delights are [causes of] embitterment, its endowments cause trouble, its life is [full of] agony and its coherence finish in obliteration. It insubordination flees from its searcher, it makes its rider fall, it deceives the person who confides in it and upsets the one who is content with it. To be sure its collection prompts partition and its connection prompts severance.

66. Verily it is from the humbling of this world before Allah that He is not resisted [anywhere] aside from in it and that which is with Him can’t be achieved aside from by surrendering it.

67. Verily this world resembles a snake, its vibe is delicate [but] its venom is dangerous, so get some distance from that which requests to you of it for the brief period that it is with you, and be generally wary of it when you are generally disposed towards it.

68. This world of yours is more modest in my view than the [decayed] bone of a pig in the hand of an outsider and more second rate than a leaf in the mouth of a grasshopper; what does ‘Ali have to do with bounties that will die furthermore, joys that won’t last?

69. Verily this world resembles a demon, it misleads the person who tails it furthermore, decimates the person who reacts to it. It is speedy in its vanishing and up and coming in its transference.

70. Verily this world methodologies as a searcher would approach and turns back as one who escapes turns around, it shows up as the rulers show up and leave as the rushed leaves.

71. Verily this world is a habitation for changeless living arrangement and is not the house for scavenging. Its great is piddling, its fiendishness is prepared within reach, its authority is grabbed away and its home faces devastation.

72. Verily this world is unreasonable and obstinate, surrendering and denying, pulling in and diverting; its condition is [constantly] evolving, its tranquility is shaking, its respect is disfavor, its earnestness is quip, its bounty is lack, its tallness is lowliness, its kin are moving and following, coming to and leaving. It is the house war, loot, plunder what’s more, obliteration.

73. Verily this world is an impeding trickery, a vanishing shadow and
a bowed column, it interfaces abundance with cataclysm and desire with death.

74. Verily the life of this world is short, its acceptance is close to nothing, its methodology is tricky, its dismissing is anguishing, its joys are transient and its results are enduring.

75. Verily this world is a home, the start of which is torment and its end is destruction. In its legitimate there is bookkeeping and in its taboo
there is discipline. One who is well off in it is tried and one who is poor in it is sad.

76. For sure this world is a house takeoff and a position of uneasiness. Its inhabitant needs to withdraw and its occupant needs to leave; its sparkle is misleading, its discourse is false, its riches are plundered and its resources are looted. Be careful, this world draws in and afterward dismisses, it is boisterous and obstinate, it cheats and sells out.

77. Verily this world is the homestead tribulations and the spot of preliminaries, whoever looks for it is sidestepped by it and whoever avoids it, it progresses towards him; the person who sees it gets blinded by it and the person who glances through it, gets illuminated by it.

78. Verily this world brings the delegated terms nearer, takes desires further away, makes individuals die and changes conditions. One who attempts to defeat it is overwhelmed by it and one who battles against it is wrecked by it, while it follows the person who revokes it and comes to the person who neglects it.

79. Verily this world destroys the bodies, recharges trusts, brings demise close and takes desires far away. Each time its occupant becomes placated and satisfied with it, it sends him back to misfortune.

80. Verily the benefit of this world is unimportant, its insidiousness is prepared within reach, its delights are pretty much nothing and its lament is long. Its bounties are associated with wretchedness, its satisfaction is connected with disaster, its advantage is gotten together with mischief and its sweetness is blended in with sharpness.

81. Verily this world is a misdirecting beguiler, it gives and reclaims, garments and afterward unclothes; its solaces don’t last, it hardships don’t stop and its disasters don’t end.

82. To be sure this world resembles a net that gets wound around the one who wants it and retreats from the person who gets some distance from it, so don’t incline towards it with your heart and don’t go to confront it to such an extent that it gets you in its net and indulgences you into its pulverization.

83. Verily this world gives and reclaims, yields and spurns, neglects what’s more, shows fellowship, tempts and demoralizes; the fitting get some distance from it while the pitiable want it.

84. Without a doubt, this world is a homestead for its tribulation and loaded with traitorousness. Its states don’t last and the individuals who possess it don’t remain safe. Life in it is dispraised and security in it is non-existent.

85. Verily this world is [like] the shadow of mists, the fantasy that is seen while snoozing, the delight that is connected with misery and the nectar that is blended in with poison. [It is] the despoiler of bounties, the devourer of countries, the bearer of [divine] reprisal.

87. Verily this world now and again propels towards the oblivious by show and walks out on the keen notwithstanding [his] merit, so if something of it comes to you with obliviousness or you lose something looked for with insight, at that point don’t let that push you to craving numbness or being uninterested in knowledge, for that will corrupt you and decimate you.

88. To be sure one of the difficulties of this world is that it doesn’t stay in its [present] state and isn’t liberated from adjustment. One section is corrected by the defilement of another part and one gathering is [made] upbeat to the detriment of [another] party. So being in it is peril and believing it is a hazard, remaining in it for all time is incomprehensible and dependence on it is misguidance.

89. Verily this world is brisk in changing, visit in moving, serious in foul play and determined in slyness, its circumstances are modified suddenly, its bounties change, its solace is deficient, its joys become severe, its searcher is embarrassed and its rider falters.

90. Undoubtedly this world is sweet and new, encompassed by [lustful] wants; it delights with pretty much nothing, and is decorated with trusts and adorned with vanities. Its elation doesn’t last and its torments can’t be maintained a strategic distance from. It is tricky, hurtful, unpredictable, transitory, dying, transient, eating up and ruinous.

91. Verily the external appearance of this world enjoyments while its existence demolishes. It has been embellished by vanities and lures by its embellishments. It is a house is modest before its Lord, so its legitimate has been blended in with its prohibited, its great with its malevolence and its sweetness with its sharpness. Allah has not rinsed it for His companions nor has He retained it from His foes.

92. In reality, with each drink of this world, there is gagging and with each nourishment eaten in it, there is blockage of the throat. No gift is gotten from it except by division from another [blessing], and an individual doesn’t go to a [new] day of his life except for by deserting another for it, and no indication of him is left alive in it yet that another indication of him dies.

93. Verily this world is the dwelling place truth for the person who trusts it [to be transient], the homestead prosperity for the person who remembers it [as such], the home wealth for the person who takes arrangements from it [for the Hereafter] and the home great direction for the person who accepts exhortation from it. It has declared its partition and broadcasted its flight. It has proclaimed its own [impending] passing and [the death] of its occupants. It represents for them, by its tribulations, the tribulation [of the Hereafter] what’s more, makes want in them, by its joys, for the joys [of the Hereafter]. It acquires facilitate the night and gets sadness the morning through want, fear, caution, and caution. Individuals dispraise it on the morning of their lament [on the Day of Reckoning] while others acclaim it. It reminded them [of the following life] so they recollected that it. It identified with them [things of the following life] and they accepted. It rebuked them and they took guidance from it through [its] changes and exercises.

94. Without a doubt, this world is the restriction of seeing the visually impaired individual who sees nothing that is past it, while the one blessed with understanding sees through it also, realizes that there is a dwelling place it. Along these lines the perceiving one wishes to leave from it while the visually impaired one wishes to stay in it; the recognizing one takes arrangements from it while the visually impaired one collects arrangements in it.

95. Verily this world has individuals who have safeguarded treasures that are vilified and cast away by you. The religion is opened up by them similarly as one of you would open the top of his cooking pot. They remain together like [a swarm of] insects and demolish the dictators of the grounds.

96. In reality, this world and the Hereafter are two inconsistent adversaries and two separate ways, so whoever adores this world and becomes a close acquaintance with it, detests the In the future and accepts it as an adversary. They resemble the East and the West and one who strolls between the two, to such an extent that at whatever point he comes more like one [direction], he separates himself from the other. All things considered, they are both like individual spouses [seeking to pull their significant other just towards themselves]

97. Verily this world is a method for the interruption from the Hereafter. Its friend acquires nothing from it aside from that it opens for him [the entryway of] voracity for it and connection towards it.
98. To be sure Allah, the Exalted, has made this world for that which comes after it, and in it, He has tests its occupants with the goal that He may know who from among them is best indirect. We have not been made for this world, what’s more, we have not been instructed to take a stab at it, rather we have just been put in it in request to be tried and [so] that we may work in it for what is [to come] after it.

99. Verily this world is a spot for which devastation has been appointed, furthermore, takeoff from it has been bound for its occupants. It is sweet and green [for the person who wants it]. It rushes towards its searcher and connects itself to the core of its gazer. To withdraw from it with the best arrangement that is accessible for you, and don’t ask in it more than what gets the job done, and don’t look for from it more than what you require.

100. This world was neither made for you as a perpetual dwelling place as a spot to settle, rather it has just been made as an entry for you so that you may gain from it the arrangements of good deeds for the dwelling place [permanent] settlement. In this manner be cautious and don’t let its transitory joys hoodwink you or its allurements bewilder you.

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101. Security right now not gained aside from its renunciation. Individuals are tried in it through tribulations so the individuals who have taken from it for the good of its will be expelled from it [by death] and will be made accountable for it. Also, whatever they have taken from it for the other world, they will go to it and will remain in it. For the shrewd one this world resembles a shade at one minute it grows until [the next moment] it recoils and stretches out until it lessens. Also, Allah has left you with no reason by denying from it, and he has cautioned and advised you about it so He has informed you of it.

102. This world betrays.

103. This world embarrasses.

104. This world is constrained [in duration], the Hereafter is everlasting.

105. At the point when lastingness isn’t discovered, at that point bounties are fleeting.

106. Unendingness isn’t conceded to any one who adores [and wishes for] it.

107. The tendency towards this world despite what is seen of its flightiness is a sign of numbness.

108. Each dying thing is immaterial.

109. Try not to hoist the person who has been raised by this world.

110. individuals of daydream [who have been swindled by this world], what has made you joined to a home decency of which is piddling, the wickedness of which is prepared within reach, the bounties of which are grabbed away, the quiet of which is battled against, the proprietors of which are slaves and the legacy of which is deserted.

111. world, O world! Escape from me! Is it me that you present yourself to? Or then again is it I that you are anxious for? May your opportunity never arrive! Trick some other individual. I have no requirements for you. I have separated from you thrice, after which there is no gathering. Your life is short, your centrality is pretty much nothing and your expectation is useless. Oh! How pitiful the arrangement, to what extent the way, how far off the excursion and how extraordinary the goal!

112. hirelings of the world and the individuals who work for it! At the point when you are selling and purchasing in the day time and hurling in your beds and dozing at night, and at the same time you are neglectful of the Hereafter and defer [good] activities, at that point when do you consider direction and set up your arrangements, and when do you become worried about the issues of the From now on?

113. individuals! Repudiate the joys of this world, for undoubtedly its life is short and its integrity is irrelevant. It is a place of [inevitable] takeoff a position of inconvenience. It brings nearer the designated terms and stops desires. It dismisses and disregards [those who are after it], it is rowdy and difficult, it cheats and sells out.

114. This world deceives.

115. This world damages, the Hereafter charms.

116. This world is a misfortune [for the individuals who look for it].

117. This world is [obtained] by the show, the Hereafter is [gained] by merit.

118. This world is [filled] with trust.

119. This world is transient.

120. This world is a fading shadow.

121. This world is a market of misfortune.

122. This world is the ranch of fiendishness.

123. This world is a snicker for the one whose tears stream [in sadness] (or for the person who is hoodwinked by it).

124. This world is the habitation tribulations.

125. This world is the habitation of the pitiful.

126. This world is the hall to the Hereafter.

127. This world is the divorced person of the adroit.

128. The transient world is the craving of the smudged.

129. Being satisfied with this world is stupidity.

130. Being astonished by this world [and being pleased given it] is ineptitude.

131. This world bamboozles, damages and cruises by.

132. This world is the spot of fiascoes.

133. The person who is joined to this world is cut off [from Allah].

134. This world is the goal of the pathetic.

135. The transient world is the hallucination or the deluder of the unintelligent.

136. This world is where the brains fall.

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137. This world is the spot of changes.

159. On the off chance that you work for this world, your exchange will have made a misfortune.

54. Verily the person who sells the Garden of the permanent Abode for this transient world, his exertion will be pointless and his exchange will have made a misfortune.

86. Nor is this world dependable with any friend nor is it clean for any consumer to drink from. It bounties move and its conditions change, its delights die and its outcomes remain; so get some distance from it before it gets some distance from you, and substitute it for something better previously it substitutes you.

138. This world is the habitation tribulation.

139. This world is the prize of the unintelligent.

140. Being busy with the transient is an exercise in futility.

141. Aching for this world realizes contempt.

142. This world resembles the day that has spent and the month that has passed.

143. This world is the habitation outsiders and the abode of the vomited.

144. Fascination with this world is the best preliminary.

145. Similarly as [wealth and] authority comes towards you, it dismisses from you.

146. Similarly, as this world retouches, it [also] breaks.

147. The methods for this world are spasmodic and its credits (for example things that people are given with briefly like status, riches and so on.) are [to be] returned.

148. This world is a fantasy and being deluded by it is [a cause of] lament.

149. This world is a toxic substance that is ingested by the person who doesn’t know it.

150. This world is the wellspring of malice and the spot of trickery.

151. If you have comprehended your illicit relationship or have had the option to perceive yourself at that point get some distance from this world and be uninterested in it, for it is the habitation of the pathetic and not the house the well suited. Its wonder is fake, its excellence is misleading, its mists are dispersed (for example its wellsprings of wealth are rare) and its bounties are reclaimed.

152. On the off chance that you are after [abundant] joy than free yourselves from the home of wretchedness.

153. If you love Allah, at that point expel from your souls the adoration for this world.

154. If you make your [life in this] world methods for following your religion, you will have spared [both] your religion and your world, and you will be among the fruitful in the Hereafter.

155. Verily I have separated from this world thrice uncompromisingly, [such that] there is no arrival to it for me, and I have discharged it.

156. Undoubtedly, on the off chance that you approach this world, you have turned your back [from the Hereafter]

157. Undoubtedly, when you walk out on this world, you have drawn closer [the Hereafter].6

158. Verily you have not been made for this world, so revoke it and get some distance from it.

160. Verily you will never meet Allah, the Glorified, with an activity more unsafe to you than adoration for this world.

161. To be sure, on the off chance that you long for after this world, you will squander your lives for that which you won’t stay for and that which won’t stay for you.

162. Without a doubt, this world is just a snare into which the individuals who don’t remember it fall. situations and stamped targets.

164. This world is just a body and the individuals who set up obligations of fellowship for [acquiring] it is like canines, with the end goal that their fellowship doesn’t keep them from hurting each other for it.

165. The individuals [who seek] of this world are much the same as yelling hounds or starving predators snarling at one another. The powerful among them eat the easygoing and the large among them pulverize the little. Some resemble tied dairy cattle and some resemble loosened steers that have lost their brains and are running in each bearing.

166. You are just similar to the standing [and ready] riders who don’t have a clue at the point when they will be requested to walk.

167. This world is just a pleasure for a couple of days, at that point it will vanish like the delusion vanishes and pass by like the mists cruise by.

168. In reality, the main portion of the earth for all of you is the length, what’s more, the expansiveness of his stature, [of the grave] wherein he would lie on his cheeks secured with dust.

169. This world is just the dwelling place entry and the Hereafter is the dwelling place [permanent] living arrangement. So take [provisions] from the residence entry for the dwelling place habitation and don’t tear your cover before the one who knows your insider facts.

170. The case of the individuals who have realized this world resembles a gathering of explorers who desert a dry spell stricken spot and set off for a productive and fruitful spot. At that point, they persevere through the challenges of the way, the hardships of the excursion and the coarseness of the nourishment to arrive at their fields of bounty and the spot of their [permanent] home. bolts of] demise and a good that is hurried towards by tribulations and cataclysms.

172. The most despicable aspect of the spirit is being beguiled by this world.

173. At the point when this world comes towards a worker, it covers him with the benefits of others and when it diverts its back from him it grabs away his [own] merits.

174. When something of this world evades you at that point don’t despair, and when you do great, don’t put others under commitment.

175. This world finishes with demolition.
176. By leaning toward the adoration for this transient world, on winds up in a disagreeable state in the Hereafter.

177. How terrible a dwelling place world is!

178. The most noticeably terrible decision is trading the everlasting with the transient.

179. Your remaining [in this world] is towards obliteration and your demolition [from this world] is towards time everlasting.

180. Sell what perishes for that which remains and trade the wretchedness of this world for the copious bounties of the Hereafter.

181. At the point when you are denied of something right now, comfort in the way that it would have been with you [only] for a brief period.

182. The product of a fascination with this world is extraordinary tribulation. takes his fill from it is devastated.

184. The abundance of this world is transient, its solace is [marred by inconvenience, its adequacy is decimation and its endowments are removed.

185. Love of this world is the wellspring of each offense.

186. Love of this world is the wellspring of preliminaries and the foundation of tribulations.

187. Love of this world offers to ascend to covetousness.

188. Love of this world undermines the acumen, distracts the heart from tuning in to [words of] astuteness and prompts an agonizing rebuke [in the Hereafter].

189. The sweetness of this world prompts the sharpness of the Hereafter also, an unsavory completion.

190. The desserts of this world resemble myrrh, its nourishments are toxic substances and its implies are exhausted [and weak] ropes.

191. The living of this world is inclined to death and its sound is inclined to ailments and the objective of [the bolt of] passing.

192. Wretchedness, obliteration, decimation, and ruin have been declared for the individuals of this world.

193. This world has been encompassed with obscene wants, preferred for its quick delights, adorned with misdirections and improved with goals.

194. Take up arms against yourselves for [keeping ceaselessly from] this world, what’s more, dismiss yourselves from it, for it evaporates rapidly, shudders habitually, what’s more, moves soon.

195. Poverty has been declared for those from among the individuals of this world who try to build their riches while the individuals who get along without it have been helped with comfort.

196. The benefit of this world is [a cause of] distress and its wickedness is [a cause of] lament.

197. The benefit of this world is immaterial and its malice is prepared to close by.

198. Take from that which won’t keep going for you for that which will keep going for you and won’t discrete from you.

199. Take from the little of this world that which does the trick you and leave from its wealth that which causes you to violate.

200. Take from this world that which comes to you and get some distance from that which gets some distance from you, however, if you don’t do this, at that point [at least] be moderate in what you look for.

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201. Blending with the individuals who are appended to this world is the essential reason for torment and defilement of devotion.

202. Blending with the individuals who are joined to this world stains religion and debilitates certitude.

203. The essentialness of this world is close to nothing, its item is the second rate, its please is bogus and its bounties are fanciful.

204. The goal and quest for one whose expectation and want are [acquiring felicity in] this world, is disappointed.

205. It is a house is laden with tribulations and known for its bad form. Its conditions don’t last and its tenants are undependable.

206. It is a dwelling place is humble before its Lord, so its legal has been blended in with its prohibited, its great with its malevolence and its sweetness with its sharpness.

207. It is the dwelling place temporariness, the resting spot of the miscreants, the living arrangement of the pitiable and the offenders (or the shocked and those who surpass the cutoff points).

208. Allah, the Glorified, called you to the Eternal Abode and the perpetual habitation, and incredible gifts and nearness to the Prophets and the well suited, yet you trespassed and dismissed; though this world called you to a house wretchedness and the spot of destruction and extraordinary kinds of tribulations and hardships, however, you obeyed it and immediately surged [towards it].

209. Reviewing [the joys of] this world is the most exceedingly terrible all things considered.

210. The embarrassment of this world is the greatness of the Hereafter.

211. Leave what is little for that which is plentiful and that which is constrained for that which is huge.

212. The foundation of cataclysms is a fixation in this world.

213. Numerous a guide from this world might be suspected by you.

214. Numerous an individual who is honest about this world is viewed as a liar by you.

215. Numerous a thing which one ought to be wary of right now not mulled over by you.

216. You want for the unachievable is [a sign of] obliviousness.

217. Your being content with this world is from your awful decisions and your pitiful undertakings.

218. Increment in [one’s craving for] this world debases the Hereafter.

World According to the islam

219. The trimmings of this world degenerate feeble personalities
220. The reason for wretchedness is the love of this world.
221. The reason for the debasement of the brain is the love of this world.
222. The sway of this world is disfavor and its loftiness is lowness.
223. The delight of this world is double-dealing and its happiness is annihilation.
224. One’s looking for serenity in [the delights of] this world is from the most prominent duplicities.
225. The most noticeably awful of tribulations is the love of this world.
226. The most exceedingly awful of distresses is love for this world.
227. The soundness of this world is [fraught with] ailments and its delights are [fraught with] torments.
228. Infidelity has become the way to heredity in the world (or among the individuals), virtuousness is uncommon and Islam is worn the incorrect far up like hide.
229. Separating from this world is the endowment for Paradise.
230. Looking for this world is the essential driver of tribulation.
231. The person who looks for this world through religion is chastised and censured.

232. Trying to get this world together with the Hereafter is from the double-dealings of oneself.

233. The searcher of this world passes upon [the chance to work for] the In the future and demise comes to him out of the blue, and he doesn’t get from this world aside from what has been allotted for him.

234. He who gets some distance from the embellishments of this world gains the delight of the happy greetings of Paradise.

235. I am astounded at the person who manufactures his transient habitation relinquishes his Eternal Abode.

236. The worker of this world countenances persistent torments and cataclysms.

237. The finish of this world is demolition.

238. The treachery of this world strikes [a person] down.

239. World, beguile the person who is uninformed of your stunts and for whom your snares of trickery are hidden.

240. He (‘a) said about this world: It is beguiling – that which is in it is fanciful; it is dying all that has arrived perishes.

241. It is misleading, hurtful, unpredictable, transitory, transient and dying.

242. The nourishments of this world are toxins and its methods are exhausted [and weak] ropes.

243. In being unwilling to this world there is the fulfillment of flourishing.

244. In the changes of this world, there are exercises to be scholarly.

245. Right now is activity without retribution.

246. This world is the thing that the pitiable want.

247. The two that are appended to one another may get segregated and the

two gatherings that are joined may get isolated. that which was spotless of it has gotten messy.

249. To be sure this world has adorned itself with its duplicity and it misdirects [its inhabitants] with its embellishments.

250. Little of this world removes a ton of the Hereafter.

251. The little of this world don’t last and its plenitude isn’t protected from catastrophes.

252. The backbone of this world is by four [groups]: A researcher who acts on his insight, an uninformed individual who isn’t too glad to even consider learning, a rich individual who is liberal with his riches to the penniless and a poor individual who doesn’t sell his Hereafter for his worldly life. So when the researcher doesn’t follow up on his insight, the uninformed one won’t learn; and at the point when the rich is stingy with his riches, the poor one sells his Hereafter for his world.

Thoughtful Quotes about the World

253. Each social affair is [headed] towards scattering.

254. Each benefit of this world is a misfortune.

255. Everything that passes [away] is as though it never was.

256. Each simplicity of this world is trouble.

257. Each arrangement of this world is inconsequential for the satisfied and the pure.

258. Everything right now to such an extent that it] appears to be more prominent when heard than when seen.

259. All the conditions of this world change suddenly and its possession is removed and moved [to others].

260. Each snapshot of this world is [taking it] towards the end and each living thing in it is [moving] towards its passing and destruction.

261. What number of an individual who depended upon this world has been made to endure by it!

262. What number of an individual who believed in this world has been stuck somewhere around it!

263. What number of an individual who has magnificence has this world dishonored!

264. What number of an individual who has high standing has this world come back to lowliness!

265. That which has gone from this world does the trick as a witness of what survives from this world.

266. The wealth of this world is scarcity, its loftiness is an embarrassment, its embellishments are deceiving and its endowments are preliminary.

267. Be right now your body and in the Hereafter with your heart, what’s more, your activities.

268. Be generally wary of this world when you are most calm with it.

269. Become uninterested right now be charmed by the From now on.

270. Be among the individuals who perceive the transition of this world so they deny it and think about the unending length of time of the Hereafter so they work for it.

271. Be a network that comprehends that this world isn’t their [permanent] house they trade it [for the Hereafter].

272. Be from the offspring of the Hereafter and don’t be from the offspring of this world, for each kid will stick to his mom on the Day of Revival.
273. At whatever point an individual turns out to be progressively distracted and captivated by this world, it causes him to enter ways [of danger] and fall into spots of obliteration.

274. Whatever doesn’t profit, damages, and this world with its sweetness, turns out to be harsh while neediness with [seeking] adequacy through Allah, never hurts.

275. Each time something of this world evades you, it is an advantage [and a blessing].

276. Similarly, as the sun and the night don’t meet up, comparatively love for Allah and love for this world don’t meet up.

277. He who claims [to have] certitude in the interminable while he is still joined to the transient, has lied.

278. For each bounty [in this world] there is scarcity.

279. For everything right now is expiry and obliteration.

280. For the person who discovers savor the experience of the delights of this world, there is trouble [and lament in the Hereafter].

281. Surely, this world has uncovered the shroud [of its disloyalty] and advised all of you similarly.

282. Verily this world of yours is more humble in my view than the [dry] bone of a pig in the hand of a pariah.

283. It’s anything but an [good] exchange to believe this world to be a cost for your soul and a substitute to that which is for you with Allah.

284. For affection for this world, audience members deliberately ignore [words of] intelligence also, hearts become heedless to the light of understanding.

285. No one increases any delight from this world however that it is trailed by tears [of sorrow].

286. Allah, the Glorified, has not rinsed this world for His companions nor has He retained it from His adversaries.

287. No one gets the solaces of this world inside however that he needs to face its hardships remotely.

Inspiring Quotes about the world

288. One whose exertion was for this world didn’t win any reward
[for it] nor did he satisfy any commitment.

289. No individual right now secured by the light downpour of simplicity yet that the overwhelming precipitation of trouble pours upon him.

290. If the individuals of the world comprehended [the truth about it], this world would without a doubt be demolished.

291. If this world was laudable before Allah, He would have saved it for His companions, however, He dismissed their hearts from it and erased its wants from them.

292. If this world was to stay with one of you, it would not have arrived at the one in whose hands it is [now].

293. One who makes progress toward this world is escaped by it.

294. One who keeps away from this world is looked for by it.

295. One who tackles this world is wrecked by it.

296. One who resists this world is obeyed by it.

297. One who gets some distance from this world is drawn nearer by it.

298. One who knows [the reality of] this world, revokes it.

299. One who barely cares about this world, it comes to him mortified.

300. One who is possessed by this world tumbles down frequently.

301. One who is pleased by the embellishments of this world is possessed by [its] double-dealings.

302. One who purchases his Hereafter with his world increases them two.

303. One who sells his Hereafter for his world loses them two.

304. One who looks for less of this world acquires what keeps

he secures [in the Hereafter].

305. One who looks for a greater amount of this world acquires what will ruin him.

306. One who constructs his world decimates his place of return [in the Hereafter].

307. One who is misdirected by this world is beguiled by [his] goals.

308. One who is satisfied with this world is evaded by the Hereafter.

309. One who is covetous for this world is decimated.

310. One who isn’t content with the little [he has] of this world won’t be happy with the much that he aggregates from it.

311. Who is more off guard than the person who sells the unceasing [Hereafter] for the transient [world]?

312. Who is more at a misfortune than the person who trades the Hereafter for this world?

313. One who looks for from this world that which satisfies him, his wrongdoing (what’s more, wickedness) increments and his offense draws out.

314. One who depends on the dishonesty of this world views himself as safe from its dangers.

315. Whoever holds again from looking for this world, it ascends towards him.

316. One who surpasses the cutoff points in looking for this world bites the dust a poor person.

317. Whoever gets some distance from this world, it comes to him deprecated.

318. One whose heart is connected to the adoration for this world gets three things from it: stress that never leaves him, avarice that never deserts him also, trusts that are never acknowledged by him.

319. Whoever is pulled in by the amaze of this world, it blinds the two of his eyes.

320. One who wants the decorations of this world is escaped by the looked for after interminable ecstasy [of the Hereafter].

321. One who has been overwhelmed by this world is ignorant concerning what is before him.

322. One who fabricates his world adulterates his religion and vestiges his From now on.

323. One who cherishes [to acquire] the notoriety of [both] this world and the From now on must disdain distinction right now.

324. One who lowers himself for the offspring of this world removes the article of clothing of devotion.

Fact Saying About the World

325. One who fixes his look on the offspring of this world is blinded from the way of direction.

326. One who looks for something from this world is escaped by something more noteworthy from the Hereafter than what he looks for [from this world].

327. Whoever looks for [the benefits of] this world through crafted by the In the future, it removes him further from that which he looks for.

328. One who is happy to give up the bounties of this world [for the
purpose of the Hereafter] has surely consummated his mind.

329. Whoever picks up ownership of something of this world loses a lot a greater amount of the Hereafter than what he has [of this world].

330. One who knows [the reality of] this world isn’t disheartened by that which comes to pass for him [in it].

331. One who perceives the trickeries of this world won’t be deluded by its unthinkable dreams.

332. One who triumphs right now upset and one whom it escapes gets troubled.

333. One in whose eyes this world is terrific and in whose heart its
the position is extraordinary, inclines toward it over Allah and dedicates himself to it and becomes a captive to it.

334. One who gets charmed by this world, it fills his heart with a
the misery which continues rotating operating at a profit some portion of his heart, a pain that stresses him and distress that causes him torment, until its suffocation [of death] surpasses him and he is flung in the open while both the courses of his heart are cut off. It is simple for Allah to make him kick the bucket and he turns out to be excessively far for his confidants to meet him (or to stay with him).

335. One who depends on this world is to be sure pathetic and denied.

336. Whoever serves this world, it abuses him and whoever serves

Allah, the Glorified, it (this world) serves him.

337. One whose worry [and effort] is for this world, his wretchedness furthermore, hopelessness will be delayed on the Day of Resurrection.

338. One who doesn’t consider the bounties of his world becomes ground-breaking.

339. One of the difficulties of this world is the ruining of association by

partition and joy by trouble.

340. It is from the lowliness of this world in front Allah is that He isn’t defied anyplace aside from in it.

341. From the [signs of the] terribleness of this world in seeing Allah is that one doesn’t pick up what is with Him aside from by surrendering it.

342. Nothing adulterates the confidence of this world.

343. In what manner will the branch stay after the root has gone?

344. This world of yours which charms itself to you isn’t better than the From now on which is made to show up appalling by your negative observation [of it].

345. That which you send forward from this world is for your advantage, what’s more, that which you desert from it is for your foe.

346. That which [one] increments right now, reduces in the Henceforth.

347. That which [one] reduces right now, increments in the Henceforth.

348. Try not to be thrilled by that which you get right now do not despair with bitterness for that which evades you from it.

349. What is acceptable in a house that tumbles down like crushed development and in a lifetime that terminates as [its] arrangements get depleted?

350. What is wrong with you? You are pleased with the little of this
a world that you get while you are not disheartened by the plenitude of the From this point forward that you are denied of?!

351. This world has not misdirected you, rather through it, you have been misdirected.

352. The transient world has not dumbfounded you, rather through it, you have been dumbfounded.

353. What is [the matter] with you that which, if you obtain it [the abundance of this world], its improvement [and looking for an option that is better than it] engrosses you from getting a charge out of it, and on the off chance that you appreciate it, it ruins it [the enjoyment] for you with the triumph of death over you.

354. The hoodwinked individual who picks up accomplishment right now its littlest segment doesn’t care for the other individual who is gains accomplishment in the future by applying his most noteworthy effort.

Motivational World quotes

355. How close this world is to takeoff, mature age is to youth, and uncertainty is to vulnerability!

356. The harshness of this world is the sweetness of the Hereafter.

357. One who goes with this world is an objective of catastrophes and setbacks.

358. The comparability of this world resembles your shadow if you stop it stops also, on the off chance that you look for it, it moves further away.

359. The likeness of this world resembles the snake, its vibe is delicate however it has lethal venom in its teeth. The unpracticed and uninformed one compasses towards it while the shrewd and canny one is careful of it.

360. The products of this world are [like] broken orts that cause pandemics, along these lines keep off the touching area which is increasingly advantageous to move from then to calmly remain in, and that of it which gets the job done for subsistence in it is cleaner [for the soul] than its wealth.

361. Decimated is one who discovers consolation right now makes his religion its dower, so he turns towards it any place it turns, having taken it to mean his [only] concern and his god.

362. Relax, for, in reality, the issue is close, the friendship is short and the stay is brief.

363. It (this world) is obstructive and adamant, veering off and influencing, misleading and thankless.

364. The individuals who are satisfied with this world are wrecked on the Day of Restoration and the individuals who are dispirited by it are spared.

365. Try not to want whatever perishes and leaves, for this enough of an impediment.

366. Try not to want this world along these lines losing your Hereafter.

367. Try not to want what perishes, and take from the transient for the interminable.

368. Try not to bump for the bounties of this world, for undoubtedly its bounties are piddling.

369. Try not to give your religion as dower for this world, for to be sure whoever gives his religion as an endowment to this world, it brings to his wretchedness, agony, hardship, and tribulation.

370. Try not to sell the Hereafter for this world and don’t trade the
everlasting with the transient.

371. Try not to let this world entice you, and don’t let your vain wants overwhelm you, and don’t believe your stay right now belong and try not to let your expectations misdirect you, for surely trusts are not part of religion in any capacity.

372. Let not the best thing that you accomplish right now the fulfillment of delights and the subduing of wrath, rather let it be the excitement of truth and the destruction of deception.

373. Try not to be enticed by acceptable credits [and impermanent pleasures], for the credits of this world are returned and you stay with that which you have amassed of the prohibited.

374. Try not to let the transient world hoodwink you with its bogus diversions, for to be sure its delight stops while the indecencies which you have gained stay with you.

375. Let no of you pine how a hireling young lady pines, for that which has withdrawn from him of this world.

376. Try not to request this world by crafted by the Hereafter and don’t lean toward the transient over the unceasing, for this is the quality of the posers and the character of the renegades.

377. Never be misled by the state of the individuals of vanities [and what they appreciate of this world], for surely it is an all-encompassing shadow [which lasts] until a fixed time.

378. The misdirections of this world don’t energize the scholarly.

379. This world doesn’t ensure the person who looks for asylum in it.

380. Individuals don’t desert anything from their religion for

this world yet that Allah opens for them that which is increasingly destructive for them.

381. The joys of this world don’t proceed and its delights don’t last, what’s more, there is no security from its distresses.

382. It profits the person who perceives this world to deny its joys and to get some distance from it.

383. It profits the person who perceives the transient housework for the Eternal Abode.

384. It profits the person who knows how transitory this world is, to
revoke its delights.

385. It profits an individual to look for a fix from the sicknesses of this world much the same as a wiped out individual looks for treatment, and he ought to maintain a strategic distance from its desires and joys similarly as a wiped out individual evades certain nourishments.

386. Little of this world ruins confidence.

387. Little of this world gets the job done and a lot of it wrecks.

388. Little of this world is superior to a lot of it, and that of it which gets the job done for subsistence in it is better than that which obliterates.

389. Captives of want cut them off! For without a doubt, the person who inclines toward this world receives nothing in return except for the grinding sound of hardship.

390. One who works for this world makes a misfortune.


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